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September 24, 2008


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Leaving aside discussions about our objective inexistence for a moment:

Obama has ties to extremist figures such as Revds. Wright and Pfleger. If Obama believes what they preach, his religious views are as far out as Palin's. But I doubt he is religious at all. His association with them was a political calculation to advance his career. Palin's beliefs are probably sincere.

So, take your pick: a genuine fundamentalist or a bona fide phoney.

Back in the days when I was associated with RSSB you could say I was a fundamentalist. I believed and acted on the dogma to the letter. To most outsiders my beliefs were way out there somewhere beyond christian fundamentalism. Despite my absurd religious views I was a reliable and competent employee and also a good manager of my own business. I was generally liked and respected. People got paid and work got done.

I think you must see my point.

Beyond that, I see no one with the gravitas to deal comnpetently with the astonishingly difficult issues at hand.

I remember Steve Forbes back in the nineties running for president. He came off as this wimpy nerd harping about a flat tax which was beyond the public's ability to comprehend...Huh?, so of course he had no chance to win. But this guy was/is a deceptively tough, honest and savvy economist who is the type of person I would like to see in the race and not these political hacks we have to choose from.


Who cares about sincerity? What if Palin and McCain's "sincerity" take us into war with Iran? What if her sincerity overturns Roe Vs. Wade? What if her sincerity is used by her higher-ups as an excuse to "stay the course" for another 4, or god forbid 8 years?

Here is the challenge with this process: let McCain run for election with this governor, who is barely qualified to run a state, and if they do not get elected, she poses no threat. If they do get elected, then sometime between November and January, she bows out, and McCain "appoints" another VP.

All trust is broken, and any sincerity is suspicious. There is no honor among thieves.

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