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September 22, 2008


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I wonder if our weirdest beliefs can be as strange as what nature dishes up. You know, were just now starting up the new, most powerful ever, particle smasher in Switzerland. The first thing they'll be looking for is the higgs bozon particle (nicknamed the god particle). When it's proven it will mean were probably right about the other implications too. That this universe came from nothing. No space no time - nothing. Some complete and unimaginable Void. And that there are probably a lot more than one universe.

It is so incredibliy liberating and joyful to learn the truth. The truth really does set you free - in unexpected ways.

"It is so incredibliy liberating and joyful to learn the truth. The truth really does set you free - in unexpected ways."

---WOW, the truth really does all that. Anyone into packaging, sales and marketing?
And you thought 700 billion was a big number.

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