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August 03, 2008


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So, you actually think that this blog discusses churchlessness from the position of the knowable?

Like, there's a knowable?

Edward, I'm not really sure whether there's a knowable.

Still, I'm fairly confident that I know something about this world, because I'm able to drive my car around without crashing into stuff (most of the time) and when I say something, usually another conscious entity seems to respond appropriately (except for our dog, when she's after a squirrel).

Likewise, Tom and Ray offer up some pretty good advice about the concreteness of cars. It's only when they venture into speaking of what they've never experienced (like electric brakes) that their individual not-knowing becomes magnified through the magic of communal speculation.

Yes, this blog certainly demonstrates Reischman's rule. Alone, I'm only capable of a certain level of know-nothingness. But together, we can do a lot better than that -- encouraging each other to venture opinions on things each of us is completely clueless about.

And having a good time doing so.

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