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August 17, 2008


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Actually, McCain somewhat defined evil when he described how terrorists in Iraq took two mentally-challenged womean, strapped them with bombs, and remotely detonated them, and then commented "if that's not evil, then you have to tell me what is." I agree 100%. Obama was awful in the Q&A session and showed how he stumbles through answers w/o a teleprompter, exposing his inexperience.

Alex, Sally Quinn of the Washington Post says it well in this column:

If you want simple answers, McCain is your man. If you want nuance, go with Obama.

She says -- and I agree -- that the real world is Obama's world. But most people don't want to live in the real world of gray.

They want black and white, where evil is evil and good is good.

In the effort to fight terrorism, a lot of innocent people have been killed needlessly. Suicide bombers kill people needlessly.

When you think about this, the distinction between "us, good" and "them, evil" isn't so clear. That's what Obama was pointing to, because that's reality.

People who are absolutely sure they're doing good, usually aren't.

I prefer to avoid the SHAM that is called presidential politics and elections, but I will say this:

Obama is directed, funded, controlled, and completely sold-out to very the same sick evil bastards that McCain is. Both are phonies, and neither one of them is even remotely fit to be the next president of the US of A.

Obama will be nothing less than a socialist dictator (tinted green)...OR... McCain will be nothing more than a militant facist dictator (tinted blood-red).

So take your pick. But remember all you suckers, the choice will NOT be yours to make (no matter how it appears in the media).

Dream on...

[ or else go and get youselves better informed at: http://www.infowars.com ]

Asking a question about Evil, sounds easy. Any answer is easy to come up with.

Rick Warren should have asked Obama and McCain, "Could you describe what Satan specifically looks like?"

The answers would be fun to examine.

I don't buy into a Satan figure.

I agree with tAo. It is a sad reflection on American politics that we have to choose between these two con men. It doesn't matter what they say about religion. It's all BS. I'll vote for McCain because I think he will do less damage in the short run and he may not be able to run for a second term.

I completely agree with Tao!

Both parties are completed bought out and have absolutely no interest in the American people. The middle class is against the ropes while our national debt is going through the roof.

I honestly have not hope in either party.


the problem with forums like that one is they want soundbite answers on things that books have been written about. If anybody thinks evil can be explained by two mentally off women (and that story is being disputed), then that person hasn't thought deeply on evil. Perhaps those people believe they are doing their deeds for good and we are the evil ones for seeing it as wrong. I didn't watch the debate because I don't like hearing politicians try to discuss deep issues like for instance evil; but from what I heard about it from those who did see it, if you like deep, thoughtful explorations of truth, you will like Obama. If you want platitudes, you will like McCain. In our culture right now, the quick, don't waste our time answer, is the one most want. Not hard to see who wins then. It won't be the American people

Please go educate yourselves. Learn the real truth behind both Obama and McCain here:


and here...


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