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August 27, 2008


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God is on his side!

You really are superstitious!

BTW, I don't think God endorses candidates that promote killing little babies or forces the nationalization of homosexuality.

Rain? I think any moisture coming from Denver is from Obama spitting on the 18+ Million Hilary voters.


I really don't know why you are taking that black and white inexperienced candidate seriously. He has Muslim blood in his genes and is known to go soft on Islamic terrorism.

For more details, read my site

I do not know that Islam was genetically determined.

Robert Paul Howard

He he. Robert - nice :)

I know almost nothing about current US politics, and to be honest, at my grand old age of 30, I've learnt that I really don't want to :)

But I have been mildly impressed (which is truely grand praise for me, for a US presidential canditate) by what little I have heard directly from Obama. Smart and thoughtful guy, I think.

But what *really* convinces & clinches it for me that he is without doubt the best canditate for the job available, is the *truely* ridiculous, inane, bizarre, kinda disturbing etc etc criticism he receives! Regardless of whatever issues the election race is based upon, for an non-American like me, it really is like a big flashing sign above him saying 'THERE IS NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL TO CRITICISE HIM FOR, THEREFORE WE WILL STOOP TO *THIS* JUVENILE LEVEL OF MEANINGLESS & MALICOUS SLANDER'.


**There is nothing substantial to praise him for either. He is simply a charismatic.

Politically, he is a redistribution of the wealth leftist who favors a larger, more invasive government intruding upon our lives. Some people like that, especially when they are on the receiving end of the dole or a highly placed bureaucrat.

Personally, I would prefer Obama not be elected because I am one of those whose wealth he would like to redistribute. Of course many would like some of my wealth without working for it, hence their interest in Obama's entitlements and not in the security of my heirs. Makes sense...to them.

It always comes down to money because money (energy) is power. There is bureaucratic (leftist) power where highly placed bureaucrats have the power and there is rightist power where the corporations wield the power. Both tend to descend into corruption because humans are greedy regardless of the system in which they function. However, in corporate dominance, at least there is the incentive to gain profit through innovation which is necessary in a competitive marketplace. Innovation raises the standard of living. Heavy bureaucracies tend to stagnate and innovation is stifled, economic growth is thwarted and the population ultimately suffers more, in my opinion.

Hey Tuscon,
How'd a non-dualist surfer like you land the big bucks?

And Deepak,
Your comment makes you sound like a racist, ignorant idiot, I am sorry to say.

And Adam,

I have got nothing to do with your politically correct lines, I am sorry to say.

Like it or not, your behaviour patterns are determined by your genes. The son of a cat cannot be a tiger. you can't grow mangoes on a apple tree. I know that my lines militate against the accepted notion of racism. But truth is beyond political correctness. My commitment is to Truth with a capital T. Political correctness be damned.

As RPH pointed out, there is no "muslim gene." I don't disgaree with you about genetics playing a large role in behavior, but your understanding of genetics seems to be flawed and immature.

Also, don't assume my point of view is party-line political correctness just because I am an Obama supporter. You seem to be projecting quite a lot.

What frightens me about your comment is its FASCIST bent.
READ: the Third Reich's attitude towards Jews.

What's your solution to the "Muslim gene" "problem"? Genocide?

What about cultural and other environmental pressures playing a role in determining behavior? Please go do some homework about human behavior.


As you know "big" is a relative term. The bucks I have would seem big to some and small to others.

Short term capital gains on commodities are taxed at a 15% rate. Obama wants to raise that rate to 24%. So, if he succeeds, stock and commodity traders will pay $2400 on every $10,000 they make. That's $900 over the current $1500 they already pay.

This might sit a little better if government programs were known to be efficient and use tax funds wisely, but we know this is not the case. I don't want to pay to grow government, just maintain it.


What frightens me about you is the way you have swallowed media propaganda

Come on, that line, he has Muslim blood in his genes does not mean that I am a racist. it only means: Beware he has a jehadi background.

I am sure that you don't trust the son of a criminal. Although, we can't hold the son of a criminal responsible for his crime.

Now, will you call that racism.

Be more, intelligent, Adam, I am neither recommending racism nor fascism. I am a Hindu who has got nothing to do with either of them.

Just because I am warning about you jehadi Islam, it does not mean that you can compare me to Third Reich and Hitler.

This is what I call intellectual terrorism.

Face the facts. Obama's history shows that he went soft on Islamic terror.

Regarding Islamic terror, I have read both the Koran and the Hadiths. And I have seen Islamic fudnamentalism first hand. Don't brand all those who hate Islam as Third Reich.

That is the heights of intellectual terrorism practised by India. And those who have swallowed that line are either ignorant or fools.

Typographical error:

It should have been :

Intellectual terrorism practiced in India as well as the rest of the world.

Normally, I write in Indian discussion forums. So stating India has been a habit with me.

Finally, Adam,

A cauliflower is a cabbage with college education.

Ettiquettes be damned. I may be immature. But I have stated a fact. Tell me in what way should you support that inexperienced Obama.

He has no achievements to his credit and his history is very clear. He soft-pedalled on Islamic terrorism. I certainly don't want a namby pamby US President to invite those Jehadi bastards for a talk.

Do you know what is taqia?

More dogmas from Adam

Dogma: What frightens me about your comment is its FASCIST bent.
Reality: Can you show me where I have been a fascist. A fascist is a person who is authoritarian and likes to impose his views on others. I have not done that.

Dogma: READ: the Third Reich's attitude towards Jews.
Reality: I have already read.

Dogma: What's your solution to the "Muslim gene" "problem"? Genocide?
Reality: Solution? I am not a messiah to propose solutions. If these intolerant jehadis want to kill me, I don't mind killing in self-defence. I am the last person to be a sitting duck for these Osamas and Obamas (the difference is only slight).

Dogma: What about cultural and other environmental pressures playing a role in determining behavior? Please go do some homework about human behavior.
Reality: I have already worked on it. But Obama's behaviour betrays a jehadi background. It is taqia in action.

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