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July 19, 2008


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Hi, first: thanks for a nice blog!

Although organized religion has many faults, it actually has collectivity as a redeeming factor.

There are many radical "seekers" who completely turn their back on the world and either go hide in a cave or just choose not to engage in society around them. It would not be hard to call them me-oriented or even arrogant.

I believe that inner work/the path or whatever you want to call it is intimately connected to the extent of engagement you have in the world around you, and in that sense I find that religion has a role to play.

I would rather frown at the CHURCH, the organization where dogma and oppression and the kind of spiritual and moral trickery that you mention takes place, all in favor of those who run it.

Engaging in "the big fat nothing" out there, together with others, with humility, is how I see myself and religion ( a religion without a church for sure) Then we are all "nothing" and all something "special".



This blog entry kinda hits the nail on the head. We start out life as this entity trying to figure things out--trying to make sense of the impulses that come piping in from all around, and create a sense of who we are based on those impressions--a universe with ME at the center, since this ME is all I "know." Most every religion seeks to preserve this sense of the ME at the center of things, usually through the idea of the ME as an immortal soul that can either have an eternity of good things or an eternity of really bad things. Makes sense when you figure the promise/threat of these things is a great way to do the churchin' business.

The two tragedies of the Human Condition are that we are born without a sense of our collective selves, and with no perfect way of conveying experiences to one another. Religions, it seems, take advantage of these shortcomings.

I liked your post. Although I am not in any religion right now, I still feel special... but to me because it's the only life I get (for sure). Having been deeply into Christianity, I relate to all of what you were talking about earlier. I went through those feelings also. Now, I still feel life has lessons but they are not necessarily designed by someone, just something I can learn from; so if I forget something, I think I am being too distracted and need to take my steps more deliberately.

So I think that everything is about me, and religion is one of those things. Actually, religion is about you, you, you.

I would only belong to a religion for the sake of others. If I am praying in a closet, with just me and God, what is the sense of organizing the socials and bingo?

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