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July 12, 2008


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As a living part of the engine of the universe, we also dance around the stillness at the core of ourselves. The core is what we seek during meditation just as a galaxy dances around its own core; it realizes its core by first expressing all of its forces, then turning them inward.

By the same token, we gain our forces, as you do through proper diet and exercise. Then you seek your center through meditation. In doing so, you bring all your forces to your core.

In Taijiquan, we begin from Wuji, which is the core. In this moving meditation, we "dance" around the core. The core contains our stillness although we are moving; the core is not part of the physical body, yet is at the center of physicality, and equipotential major groove, or a neutral point - just like the center of a galaxy.

When meditating, all that you have learned, all that you have experienced, all that you are is turned inward to charge your own "neutral point" even further, so that your center is unmistakable.

hello Brian - just as an off-topic question, was wondering what happened to the forum?!?


Manjit, it's still there -- just rarely used. See:

I took down the post plugging the discussion forum that I'd pinned to the top of the main blog page, because it was sort of distracting. And the lack of forum discussing showed that hardly anyone was paying attention to it.

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