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June 16, 2008


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Robert Paul Howard

yawn dittos

For those wondering about the "yawn" comments, they weren't directed at my stimulating post, but at a bunch of preachy comments left by a Radha Soami something or other devotee.

They didn't have anything to do with the post, were filled with annoying capital letters, and were hugely long. So I deleted them.

Check out the book, Atheist Spirituality, by Compte-Sponville; the last chapter has much to say about this!

Robert, I did check it out. And ordered it. Looks interesting.

Thanks for the tip.

--- Atheist Spirituality? Comte-Sponville discusses a spirituality separate from beliefs, faith, or religion.

Brian----what is in this text, that you couldn't find in this blog?

Thanks for a reply,

Roger, likely I won't find anything that I don't already resonate with. But I never tire of being exposed to people with whom I agree.

They're so wonderful! So wise! So inspiring! Just like me!

I guess I could read my own stuff again and save a few bucks, but my book-buying addiction, though not quite as strong, still drives me to add $$$$ to Amazon's coffers.

If consumer spending helps the U.S. avoid a serious recession, I'll have done my part.


I know what you mean. My entire music collection comes from Amazon.com.
I read through the reviews for Atheist Spirituality. Sounds like Comte-Sponville needs to become a regular here at this blog.

I believe in god, I just don't believe in concepts. Especially concepts of god.

Adam, Believing in God is also conceptual, don't you think? As soon as you stop believing, viola!! The trick is seeing there is no entity to do anything about it, never was, never will be.

Hi Type O,

Yes, it is maybe a weird thing to believe in "god," especially in today's religious contexts, without making it conceptual. When I say I believe in god, it is perhaps like saying, "I believe in life itself." As Edward remarked many posts ago, "my life is none of my business." There is definitely a flux of energy happening that has little or nothing to do with the contents of my mind and my individual story. This flux has been happening and will continue to happen. my belief in god is more like a note to self that there is more than meets the eye, so to speak. The rest I am happy to let remain a mystery. So when I say I am against concepts of god, it means I find myself irritated when people tie themselves to some specific image of the mystery which is surely conceptual.

Type O,

Do you know Peter Steele? I'm bored, I need to ask a question.

Adam, Actually I understood the intent of your comment I responded to. I was just elaborating to show that maybe it would be helpful to even drop the concept of "no concept". Maybe not. What do I know?

"This flux has been happening.."

Go with the flux.

Let it flux...alternative title to a Beatle's song.

Except for a change in lyrics:

"There will never be an answer except let it flux, let it flux."

Roger, Who's Peter Steele?

Type O,

The pseudonym made me think of the group, Type O Negative. I never was a fan, however, the lead singer, sounded (voice)so funny.

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