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May 20, 2008


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Yes, we rock major ways. This is empirically true.

I have lived in half a dozen states, and although Oregon has much to recommend it, the fact that there is a state newspaper, (the Oregonian,) and one of the least expertly educated populations are two things that detract. Also? Homogenous? Leave the tri-county Portland area and the vast expanse of meth heads will overwhelm. Oregon is a truly frightening place, and I have slept on the A train to Brooklyn.

I'm also proud of Oregon this morning. :) Having lived in the big city, and currently in the country, I think there are great people in this state. Yes, my rural area has a lot of rednecks, but a lot of them are the sort where a handshake is as good as a contract-- better than with some. I am sure a lot of my neighbors voted for Clinton or will vote for McCain, but we are not the only ones in this logging and farming community who are Obama supporters. City people are often clueless about what it's like to live out beyond the beyond. They might be surprised.

I am with Edward. I lived in beautiful rural Oregon for 13 years. A friend ended up face down in a lake. The place was a reality check and I found out what it means to live by the gun and knife. Step outside the bubble of the latte' fueled starry-eyed theoretical dream world liberal mecca towns and you will find the meth fueled criminals you read about really do exist...next door, and they want to kill you and rape your wife. Nobody can help. You're on your own and you take care of it yourself. I don't want someone like Obama watching out for the security of this country, who wants to have a chat with fanatical regimes and seek approval of the international community before we look out for our own best interests. I want a realist who will make it perfectly clear that we will put a bomb in their lap before they do it to us first, just like you have to do in Oregon.

You are all correct about oregon. Please stay there. However, i here canada or mexico is even better so please consider those places too.


The above comments about rural living just amaze me. I have lived in the Oregon Coast Range 25 miles from town for over 30 years, grew up in the Cascade foothills of Washington, and had 18 years there. Yes, out here we have had arsonists, wife beaters, drug dealers, have had two murders in the area since I lived here. Those things happen in cities also. Such is life-- and not just modern life but look at history. It's the nature of mankind sad to say. While, it is true that I have guns in the house (loaded and know how to use them), I did when I lived in town also. I think we should each be responsible for our own safety by wisdom in action. Many murders happen to those who are buying or dealing drugs as that is a world that can be dangerous-- in town or out.

If someone thinks McCain will keep them safe, I suggest they ask how? If he cuts taxes more, cuts government programs, it seems to me you'd be even more on your own-- whether in town or country.

It is not at all the violence or crime - it is the blank-eyed incomprehension of the majority of the citizens. Violent crime happens in most cities, and there are protests and civic solutions.

Oregon, people just disappear...

In response to Rain's remarks:

No doubt the majority of people live happy, unmolested lives in Oregon and of course some areas are worse than others. The Medford-Grant's Pass-Roseburg corridor was full of slime of the most ruthless and dangerous order. The odds of running afoul with these types was high.

Fact: I don't know the current situation, but back in the 90's the Medford area had THE highest per capita drug arrest statistics in the USA. Higher than any giant metro area, L.A., Detroit, Miami, etc.

The countryside was dotted with meth labs. Good people and long-standing families were driven from their homes by the criminals. The cops were afraid of these guys. No help from them. They didn't have the firepower, the manpower, or the cajones to deal with it. I had to become like the criminal sons of bitches to get everyone out safely. It was war and in war there are no rules. There was no reasoning with these people. Get them before they get you.

This experience has influenced my politcal view. You don't legitimize, with talks or otherwise, terrorist regimes who openly declare their ambition to annihilate a sovereign nation, that sponser terrorists and covertly kill our soldiers via arms supplied to their agents. Obama is totally naive about this. What's he going to say to them? Maybe he can charm them with his smile, glib manner and ivy league degrees.

At least McCain understands the ambitions of the islamist-fascist movement. You don't play patty-cake with these people. You lay it on the line, and if they cross it you hit them hard. That's all they understand. Remember all the trouble we used to have with the Libyan dictator, Gadaffi? He had an airliner brought down over Lockerbie among other things. So, we sent a bomb to his tent that killed his kid. It should have been him, but it was close enough to shake him up and he hasn't been much problem since.

Dear Rain,

I fear that I must agree with you: "It's the nature of mankind sad to say."

Robert Paul Howard

I suspect Obama, having worked in the inner city of Chicago, knows a lot more about the potential violence than McCain sheltered by a rich wife and exclusive Senate job. To me McCain seems oblivious about a lot of things in this country but overseas also with his confusion over the government system in Iran and over the various Muslim groups. My belief that he's not suitable to be president won't convince anyone though. And this blog which is about spirituality probably isn't the place for the debate anyway.

As for Oregon, my daughter lives in Medford area, admittedly she is in the suburbs there, but I have looked at property to buy something out in the country and except for a few areas, which are pretty self evident,it doesn't sound anything like you describe. Perhaps it has changed a lot since the 90s. Oregon is not only birkenstock wearers but a lot who wear work or cowboy boots like me. I have camped, spent time a lot of time in rural areas all around this state, and yes, I do understand there can be some bad types out in the woods. There are some bad types on the city streets too.

I am naturally prejudiced. I was born in Oregon, respect its people and hate hearing it put down because it's a good place to live-- not that we want everyone moving here. Wherever you go in the world, I think you have to use some judgment and that includes city malls.

In response to a few of Rain's comments:

"I suspect Obama, having worked in the inner city of Chicago, knows a lot more about the potential violence than McCain sheltered by a rich wife and exclusive Senate job."

^^Are you kidding? McCain, tortured POW vet, knows less about violence and the reality of war than Obama who was schooled at the priviledged Punahou school in Honolulu and Harvard? He's lived his life in the comfort zone. McCain has seen the other side. The fact that his wife is wealthy will never change that.

"As for Oregon, my daughter lives in Medford area, admittedly she is in the suburbs there, but I have looked at property to buy something out in the country and except for a few areas, which are pretty self evident,it doesn't sound anything like you describe."

^^The criminals don't put out signs saying, "Beware, crazed murderous meth cooker on premises. Enter at your own risk armed and ready to die." Look, I'm sure you can find a nice place to live around there, but be careful as the crazies and thugs are out there. Do your homework and ask lots of questions. Find out who the neighbors are before you buy. Rural Grants Pass, Gold Hill, Sams Valley and White City are trouble spots in Southern Oregon. Ashland has a strong police presence and the riff raff aren't comfortable there. Medford south to Talent-Ashland isn't bad. Medford to Central Point and Eagle Point and points north are sketchier and bear more caution. South is best if you can afford it. Suburban Medford is generally OK.

I knew I was wasting my time commenting on McCain or Oregon... Sometimes people have to agree to disagree and I see McCain and Oregon one way, you see it another. I post regularly on politics, have on McCain and will more in the future on my own blog but won't comment on this again here. Hopefully you live somewhere you like better now and it's fine with me if others fear moving to Oregon. It's getting a mite overcrowded :)

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