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May 23, 2008


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You were why I began to blog. I don't know if I have ever written about this before. I read an article in the Salem newspaper about your blogging. I kind of vaguely had heard the term before (had no idea for years that it came from the term web log). After reading that I began to explore and eventually signed up for my own blog.

For me, blogging has been an interesting world where people share their ideas and parts of their lives (very few all of their lives). I think writing is healthy and have always written but in the past only a few close friends or family members (plus a few rejecting editors) ever read what I wrote.

Like you I write some blogs in an hour or less. Others I spend longer on gathering research. I now have a place to share my photos, my ideas, sometimes my experiences, and to learn how others think in many topics. The amazing thing is that some of those people will come from all around the world. Ordinary people can connect with strangers in a way never possible in the past unless you were a ham radio operator.

I don't expect blogging to last forever. Nothing does but I am glad I have been able to enjoy its benefits for however long it's around.

Communication is most important.
Especially about the roots of soul so to say..

When someone writes that you should stop wasting your time bitching, it means that in your blog, they see the reflection of conflicts within their own mind. They're uncomfortable or ambivalent about facing those inner conflicts (e.g. between belief and doubt).

The first step in confronting the inner conflict is to externalize it. In a way, it can be easier to project one's doubts on others, rather than see both the beliefs and the doubts as one's own.

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