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April 19, 2008


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The Pope... is a dope.

And Bush... is a place where dogs go to take a pope...errr uh, a poop. But its the same thing really.

Bush and the Pope are both dopey dog-doo.

Moral relativism is absolutely the correct position. Moral absolutism is both right and wrong.

The Pope: marshmallow wrapped in icing and coloured silver paper.

Catholicism: a curious culture cast from the past; a huge, embellished, wealthy show enshrining a childish story from long ago. Like going into an expensive baroque chocolate shop- so reasuring to many.

It'd be funny if more people didn't accept statements like that without thinking critically about them.

"Dictatorship of relativism," said the person dictating how we should all live and what religion we should all follow. Hmph, indeed.

Frankly, looking at the state of the world around me, I see more problems caused by those who absolutely *know* that their view of 'right and wrong' is unquestionably *right* and others with different beliefs are wrong than by those who admit that things might just be a bit more complex than that.


Throw in a smiggin of Moral Pluralism into the soap.

Sometimes "moral absolutism" can also be "left" and wrong, too.

Robert Paul Howard

Nice and useful post about What's Wrong with Stem Cell Research?.

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What's Wrong with Stem Cell Research?.


I would say that you would have more credibility if you laid off of the ad hominem attacks. Saying "the pope is full of shit" is only a childish response to a superb theologian. It indicates that one has no real defense. I encourage you to be more of a gentleman when disagreeing with others.
As for the Pope's absolutism: He is also against slavery and female circumcision. Is he a radical tyrant for these stances as well or only those that contradict modern liberal fashions? Remeber it was once popular to be pro-slavery. A person was considered a radical nutcase who barged into other people's private lives if he was against slavery. What do you think?

In the Immaculate Heart
Maximilian Biltz

Being a superb theologian is like being an expert on flightless birds: it takes a lot of work, and is a respectable job, but you're basically studying guano and protherial birth.

There are many people opposed to slavery and circumcision. He ain't spe-shul.

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