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April 29, 2008


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*Why doesn't God answer my prayers?...It is not that God cannot hear your prayers or that He does not want to listen; the problem lies in the individual:*

I wish I could remember who originally said the following, but religion is the only business where the consumer gets blamed for the failure of the product.

Ditto Helen...and otherwise the Christian religion would have been out of business a long time ago...and so would Sant Mat.

It's always the sins and inadequacies of the disciple versus God or guru. What a crock!


I like your spiritual wanderings here. I think, the problem with the 'spiritual' connection to the other side is most of us limit it to what a religion teaches and religion is just some other person somewhere up the road having had a moment of inspiration or a desire to gain power. After a certain point, it's almost like we have so many of these 'religious' expectations that the static prevents us from even hearing our own voices. Perhaps if we came to it with no expectations, just be and see what comes, then we'd get farther. As a small child, I felt an awareness of the other side, not because a religion told me I should (or shouldn't) but simply because I felt it. That was before anybody told me how it was supposed to be, what form to use, what I should hear. When my grandchildren were quite young (before 3) they both had conversations with their mother (who does not practice any religion other than nature and that not in a religious way) about their past lives. Now being much older and wiser, they have forgotten those 'memories'. Exactly what were they remembering before? I don't know. I am okay with life being mystery.

Aren't the people on the bay using hearsay and anecdotal evidence to make the decision to stay out of the water? The scientific process would require that each of you perform your own experiment: will going in the water cause me pain? What kind? For how long?

And there are scientific remedies for jellyfish venom, (easy as the googlin').

Of all the things you could possibly do, the jellyfish blocked this activity. "Countless problems." I find that when I am stopped from something I really want to do, ("I paid good money for this!" " I waited months for this!"), that is when God is the prime mover.

I just took another breath, and ate a cookie. Without prayer or a warning sign I did not fall out of my chair. I am not terribly invested in this outcome, does that mean God's hand is helping me, or not?

Edward it has been known that low flying Spinoza stones can spontaneously and without apparent reason
drop out the sky.It is also known that such a stone may hit
cookie munching philosopher on the head.Thereby making cookie munching philosopher believe he
had been struck by the hand of God.
The moral of the story please wear a protective
covering on head while eating cookies.


This mysterious God is telling you that you need to find a new vacation spot. He speaks through airport snafus, noisy inconsiderate neighbors at the resort, Maui condo-mania, and now jellyfish in the water although the message was muddied up a bit by a pleasant whale watching trip despite the guy's lame jokes.

We rented a house last year in San Carlos, Mexico. The house was nice and close to the beach, but the neighbor next door had a stinking sewer leak and the neighbor on the other side was doing some noisy construction. To top it off, there were jellyfish everywhere (in the water that is). No signs, no blind faith required. They were plain as day. Fortunately, kayaks were available, but swimming would have been painful. It was a lot of travel to end up with hammering, tile saws, stench and jellyfish.

I decided the next vacation would be no further than the back yard which has a pool with no jellyfish and the neighbors make noise only once in a while.

With jellyfish warnings also posted on the beach today, my wife (who is more New Agey than I am) suggests that the jellyfish have been sent to protect me from a disaster in the big waves -- like drowning.

Since I try to be a believer in my wife, I'm doing my best to look upon the jellyfish as angelic entities, albeit with powerful venom.

tucson, I hear you. But our noisy neighbors left after the first night.

(God just sent them to test my patience for a day -- which I didn't pass, since I phoned the front desk and complained after "quiet time" passed and they weren't.)

So its been a pretty smooth vacation, aside from the jellyfish. From what you said, I should feel grateful for the warnings.

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