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April 09, 2008


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I would like to share this. The people in these videos are long-time personal friends of mine.

I hope some of the readers & viewers will think deeply upon by what they see and hear, and even become inspired to live and to go more on the Way of Life.

The world as we now know it... is not worth saving.




Thank You.

Hello Tao,

I've just read your posts where you imply you are 'John E Range'? Did you not once tell me in a private email your real name was Jayan? (which I, btw, NEVER revealed online until now...even though another you told has on another site).

Very strange indeed? Jeez bro, how many discrepancies have you made??

Really worrying dude. Really worrying,

Back at it again, are you Manjit?

Trying so vainly to dig out some minute little discrepency on me I see. ...(yawn)... I used to think you were a bit smarter. But the more you make ridiculously lame attempts such as this, the more I become disappointed with you.

But alas, since you are so desperate and confused and you just can't see the obvious, here's the scoop...

"Jayan" is nothing more than an old spiritual name that a few people happen to know me by in another forum or elsewhere on the net. It is not my real name, and I have never said that it is, either to you in an e-mail, or to anyone else. You apparently came to know of it at the RSS forum. But so what?

I have said this a few times before, and it is no secret: I don't ever use my real name on the net, except in very rare occasions in private e-mails with my relatives or with very close personal friends who I have known for years or even decades, or once in a while with people whom I know for sure I can trust.

So Manjit, it's high time you give it up dude. Grow up and find something better to do besides playing private detective and failing miserably at it. You have proven absolutely nothing here except that you've got nothing of any significance or value to share.


Thanks Tao.

Though, as I clearly stated, you told me that was your real name in a personal & private email.

And, there is whole host of what appear to be distortions, discrepancies, inconsistencies and, well, apparent outright lies that you have made. I don't 'play' detective, I just have a memory. And enough sincerity and integrity to point it out to you. If I really wanted to play detective, I would list (a very long one too) every single one of your highly suspect claims. It simply worries and intrigues me, that's all.

A parrot can share things of significant value, on a purely semantic level. And, parrot like or not, I have 'shared' everything you have repeated ad nauseum many many years ago, only with sincerity and integrity.

Please excuse me if I honestly feel that that almost childish group-like mentality and usury of advaitic concepts to contra any kind of tantric or dualistic approach to life, even if it is, as it appears to me a purely semantic and conceptual view, is a little less than the profound you would like it to appear to be.

Replacing one script (the RS one), with another script (the one used by yourself and on this blog), is not really as beneficial or 'liberating' as it may appear on a semantic & linguistic level. In fact, I don't really think anything is gained by it whatsoever, except some kind of intellectual amusement.

Tao, there really is no point trying to cause an argument over this, because I'm merely making observations (and perhaps a little concerned that your obvious lack of honesty be mentioned every now & then to balance superficial appearances, especially when based on that you are giving 'advice' to so many young, naive and impressionable people). Besides, I really think we both know that rather effortlessly (as the genuine cannot be out-danced, to use a Brian metaphor!) I would tear your position to shreads, as you so willingly do to others here with what appears to be glee (and, in fact, you have openly admitted that several times, false denial or not), which I *really* would not have. Again, please sense the concern in my post for those who may be deceived, and my simply balancing your claims *every now & then* by making simple impartial observations. That's all.

I the the_elephant made some very insightful comments, btw. Very intelligent and interesting posting I thought.

Peace bro.

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