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March 16, 2008


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Brilliant. Without a doubt, the most insightful piece of writing I've enjoyed this year. I was waiting for the T model to develop into the cross:
Vertical form formless;
Horizontal past future;
Intersect now.
But the incorporation of Euler's e^(iπ) + 1 = 0 god formula to time/perception/consciousness is neat. Most appealing.

Dear Brian,

I, too, found this to be a worthwhile essay. I shall inform some various others of it.

Although it states that: "Entering the fourth level is not under the control of the individual. It is granted by Grace because this level represents the Mind of God and She doesn’t take kindly to mere mortals wanting to know what is on Her Mind...," it nevertheless does give hope that some of us might overcome the degrees to which we might be "lame" or "blind." (Although personally I would prefer a term like "spirituality" over Einstein's choice of using "religion.")

But, again, I found the article to be most worthwhile.

Robert Paul Howard

Have you watched any Rysa5 videos on youtube?

Jane, I watched enough of Pillar of Galactic White Golden Light to get a feel for what it was about.

Pretty images. Nice music. Chakra philosophy. It didn't resonate much with me, but I'm skeptical about this stuff.


How are the messages of Plotinus reaching the world through your valuable contributions?

Apart, naturally, from 'Return to the One'
Or, perhaps, naturally, because of 'Return to the One'

Father Robin, thanks for asking. Pretty darn well, I'd say.

Last year, 2009, about 400 copies of "Return to the One" were sold. Let's say that to make a big difference in the consciousness of the United States, and thence the world, fifty million people need to be aware of my book.

I just calculated that at the current sales rate, it only will take 125,000 years for this to happen. That's fast! By cosmic standards, at least. Of course, the population probably will be much larger by then.

On the other hand, it's possible that only a few people will be left on Earth in 125,000 years given all that we humans currently are doing to screw up the planet. If so, hopefully they all will have read my book, assuming Amazon is still around.


unpope Brian.

If a tree falls in a forest and there's nobody there to hear it does it make a noise?

You betcha.

A volcano in Iceland?

The world hears.

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