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March 31, 2008


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Hear! Hear!
While I curse mostly to myself, I certainly curse a number of deities, including Jesus (the Christian god-man, not my friend from school of o so long ago).
This reminded me of every now and then, when a disaster is avoided (say a tree falling into someone's home, and missing a person by inches) to have someone say "You can't tell me there is no God!" I have to wonder "So, all the other people who *have* died, many being Christians, could *they* tell you there is no God?"

Try cursing Allah - it's much more fun and comes with some exciting perks and challenges.

Curse and laugh your way to immortality! Now you too can "win against the holy spirit!"

Skepticism will help you cheat death! Like Edamaruku, you will be chuckling while the great gurus weep.

Act now! Find a god, and start doubting today. You'll know the happiness of having a target for petty resentments, too!

I could not please a guru or God by praising him, following him and flocking around him.

Will I ever be able to please any one by cursing him.

In both situations, if there is someone to laugh at is, it is me alone.


NOW READING MEDICAL BOOKS WILL HELP ME I NEVER KNEW.....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

if you repent now god will punish you with some voices for more than a year but you will be saved its a sinners prayeryou have to pray. i'm being punished right now for cursing on two occasions but too many times for being angry at him. Ask him for a sign and he will be there for you in the clouds trust me he is in everyone. Repentance is your key for not going to hell.

you say you like punishment? hey, stick around and we'll be glad to punish you some more. but we don't trust those strange guys with funny voices up in the clouds who carry signs. and if you are selling keys to get out of hell, you had better lower the price down or you will be out of business in no time.

Tantra or Tantram is not like this foolish show by wooing by money hungry
priest in a TV show.. It is a very subtle science super sciecne.

this fool sanal edamaruku does not know what it is. if he really plays
with a Tantric he will be killed and for ignorant tantric folks
A real tantric will not do that just for his challenge. Sanal is a copy cat ten
years back he and his father use to copy others article and paste it in their
vernacular magazine

He is father and mother is from different religion he is having frustation
to his mother's great religion because she was not accepted by her parents
marrying his moron father that is the reason. so dont believe this fool.

Tantra is an ancient science Rationalism is the most foolish thing one can preach
I have one question to this fools who wants proof for everything
show your brains. then only I will believe that you have brains.

You think God has done YOU wrong??? I could tell you stories that would make you cry your eyes out....the stuff he's done to me, I wouldn't do to a DOG!!! I haven't been to church in 4 years, and if I never go back, it will be too soon! He is a cruel heartless hateful MoFo!!!

I hate when people compare proving you have brains to proving that god exists. They aren't the same thing: one exists and one doesn't. I can prove that I have a brain, just give me the money to use an x-ray or whatever they use to see my brain. I don't have proof right now, but it is possible to get proof. But proving that god exists requires not money, but a miracle. And no I'm not talking about a once in a life time chance, like surviving something normally fatal or winning the lottery, that's just luck. I'm talking about doing something that isn't physically possible. Go die for three days, then come back to life with proof that you died, then I might believe you. Might. Otherwise, have a nice waste of your life worshipping [insert deity of your choice here].

can i call off a swear to god that was meant for him please tell me

you are right. it's fucking blind faith that people have in god. an example: girl meets a man n both decide to get married. girl says "thank you god for showing me the right man. you have answered my prayers." 1 year later they break up a month before their wedding because she catches him cheating. now she says "thank you god for showing me his true colours before the wedding. you have saved me! god you r great."

This comment is due to be moderated by a moderator from the Church for the Churchless!!! Do you know how ridiculous that is? I wonder what other pathetic sites are parked to slow down the internet. Grow up.

Denis, congratulations! Your comment has been moderated! Don't you feel special?

I'm proud to be in the company of other "pathetic sites" that moderate comments. Like the New York Times. Here's what you'll find if you leave a comment on one of their stories:

"Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive."

Ditto with our local newspaper, which like many sites requires a Facebook log-in. Look around the Internet. I think you'll be surprised how many high quality "pathetic sites" moderate comments.

Hey Brian, I want to talk to you privately, have you got an email address?

GS, my email address is in the right sidebar of this blog.

IF there is a God its a hateful, mean god cares for only its self and forces people to pray and beg like animals for crumbs it blesses the few dams the many To believe in a god makes me a damned soul In my life I can tell u its like hell no once have I ever felt or got help for a so called god to hate a god only thing that helps SATAN IS EASIER TO LOVE THEN GOD

What would be loveable about a Satan?

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