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March 20, 2008


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"Brains aren't the universe."

I would hazard to say that the above statement amounts to a dogma. For all that we know, the brain may be the universe -- the classic spiritual definition that macrocosm is within microcosm and vice versa. Is it also not true that we perceive the universe because of brains?

Atleast, according to J Krishnamurthy's view point, the world is in our brain and not vice versa. My views do match with J Krishnamurthy in this regard. Though I am not very sure and of course I can't prove it logically or in "scientific terms."

Good post Brian.
We are part of something we don't know.
We even don't know ourselves,how can we know ''more'' then ourselves..
From here we can't, that gives humility automatically and also a sense of surrender,maybe even dedication.
It is amazing where we are in actually..it includes everything,no words are available to say how amazing it is,because it's a scala of.... everything

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