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February 11, 2008


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*humankind will come closer to the truth about ultimate reality.*

What is the point and purpose of knowing ultimate reality? I've often wondered if the drive to understand is no more than the desire to control.

You wrote : Faith that somewhere, somehow, someday – and that "where," "how," and "day" is here and now, as well as there and then – humankind will come closer to the truth about ultimate reality.

Perhaps you could define your terms. What is "ultimate reality"?
I can understand having faith in the 'truth' of the physical sciences, but ultimate reality?
Your wording reminded me of: "We shall overcome some day. And deep in my heart, I do believe, that we shall overcome some day."
The singing of this song by marching people has always troubled me. It seems like an emotional substitute for real action.
Would I be unfair in likening this to your faith in humankind coming close to the truth of 'ultimate reality' (whatever that may be.)
This is not a criticism. I really am interested how a faith like this can be held by a self-confessed sceptic like you.

Brian and Churchless,

Here is a fresh doomsday cult from south India. his name is Kaga Pujnadar. He says that the whole world will be subject to pralaya (doomsday) in the year 2037. Only Kaga Pujandar's followers will be saved.

I wonder how Gurinder will save his followers on pralaya. Has he kept the spaceship ready.
The url is: http://www.kagapujandar.com/
Visit this site to know how self-righteous and funamentalists these Gurus can get.
Somebody is needed to expose those frauds.

Deepak writes about Pujnadar: "He says that the whole world will be subject to pralaya (doomsday) in the year 2037."

--He's a little late. Others have beat him to it. According to other psychics, astrologers, cults, Mayan calendar, etc., the end will be in the year 2012. Before that it was supposed to be Y2K (2000) and before that, 1996, 1992, 1984, 1976, 1969, 1968 etc. on back to when humans were first capable of conceiving such things thousands of years ago. We should already be long gone. I don't think a year goes by that someone thinks is the last one.

This Pujnadar is pretty smart though. He has picked a time almost 30 years away so he can stay in business for a long time.


Existence they dwell within it
In a constant dual round and round
Back and fourth their balance in constant flux
One of the two my have brief control
For balance will always be restored
Beginning to end, end to beginning
There energy expansive almost in fluid motion
Good lies within evil only to define what is good
Evil lies within good only to define what is evil
And since they are the same only different sides of the same
This reveals that energy put out is energy returned
So step lightly when walking on ice
Breath deep to empty your mind to relax
Attention is awareness so look both ways
Listen to that which is unheard it will bring peace
Remain empty until full only to be empty again
Give of yourself to all that is done
Look to the horizon then back to self and most all will be seen.

-jake harris

Why worship human opinions. Why not a direct merger. I guess I am a dimwit. It took me so long to understand you. Thank you for this eye-opener.

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