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February 27, 2008


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Paul Davies wrote: The whole paraphernalia of gods and laws, of space, time, and matter, of purpose and design, rationality and absurdity, meaning and mystery, may yet be swept away and replaced by revelations as yet undreamt of.

I would say no. Because science can only work in the outer realms. It cannot touch the depths of meditation and spirituality. I am aware of the meditation and neural firework theories dished out by atheistic scientists. I still hold that that the science has not gone beyond reductionism and observations of physical matters.

For instance, if you check out the physical brain of an Einstein, Ramana Maharshi, a fanatic and a retard. I don't think you will be able to differentiate just as all blood is red. Science can work only in the observeable. The mystic domain is reserved for mystics and I don't think that scientists can ever enter that space unless the scientist also happens to be a mystic or vice versa.

*When it comes to ultimate explanations, though, I'm decidedly skeptical that science ever will be able to come up with answers to the questions that mysticism, spirituality, and religion explore with such zeal.*

Considering that the scientifc method, critical thinking, and spiritual inquiry have been with us for at least 6000 years, which of these has come closest to offering real answers about life? I'd say it was science: each successive generation has improved upon the last's sum of knowledge.

Why have there been no similar advancements in spiritual enquiry? Could it be because the answer is believed to be already found?

*Why does existence exist?*

If no one is really seeking the answers because they already think they have the truth then either you are unsatisfied by religion's existing answers or perhaps you already know the answer and wish you didn't. By which I mean that the question *why* presupposes an answer: what if there isn't one? What if, like in your previous post, existence has no meaning, other than the ones we make for ourselves?

A third possibility: perhaps the not knowing, the game of specualtion, is more interesting than any answer, spiritual or scientific, could be for you Brian.

*The whole paraphernalia of gods and laws, of space, time, and matter, of purpose and design, rationality and absurdity, meaning and mystery, may yet be swept away and replaced by revelations as yet undreamt of.


or perhaps not. After all, what do you do once you've got the answer to life?

This has nothing to do with the topic of this thread, but maybe one of Brian's other posts.

I came across this article http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080228/ap_en_tv/books_winfrey_tolle about Oprah endorsing one of Eckhart Tolle's books. Oprah is an extremely infuential person. To put it crudely, someone said, "she shits money". This book is selling like crazy..like Obama who she endorsed awile back.

Anyway, Tolle is a pretty articulate non-dualist if I recall correctly from reading one of his books several years ago. Go ahead and smite me with a heavy stick if you disagree. Imagine millions of Americans reading this book and basing their personal spiritual outlook on this instead of traditional religion. Could this be a small paradigm shift with more to follow?

Helen wrote:
" After all, what do you do once you've got the answer to life?"

Here is the same answer to your question but expressed accordingly to cultures and dispositions:

Here is Kyogen's follow up:
I have a single potential;
that can be seen in a blink of an eye.
If you still don't understand,
call the newest person in the zendo and ask him about

Here is Spinoza's follow up:
The good which every man, who follows after virtue, desires for himself he will also desire for other men, and so much the more, in proportion as he has a greater knowledge of God (Ethics, Part 4, proposition 27)

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