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February 07, 2008


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This is the most insightful piece you've written since a piece some time ago discussing 'uncertainty'. I'm biased of course, as I exist in a state of uncertainty. Having read spiritual books for 40 years (as well as done a few other things), I discovered along the way that there are no answers in books. There are no answers in coffee shop discussions. But its all good fun. They help nudge the individual to 'be' in a contented state of uncertainty.
Like this blog and its comments - mainly a bunch of boys and their opinions. To use a phrase of my wife's when the boys' discussions get lively - "There are a few ego erections in the room."
So here's to the joy of being in the rush where angels fear to tread.


What you wrote rings true for me. I was considered a fool all along. Outsiders considered me a fool because I joined RSSB. Satsangis considered me a fool because I quit RSSB. Then, I considered that only fools are original and have the guts to tread in paths which the wise fear to tread. I would be a original fool than a second hand wise guy.

"a bunch of boys and their opinions"?
"a few ego erections in the room"?

btw poohbear,

go hold those comments of yours up to a mirror and take a real good look. and don't forget to repeat your pet mantra "I exist in a state of uncertainty", every time you come to this blog. that ought to cure you of that rare strain of the dreaded egotism malady that you imagine in others.

-- doctor tAo


I got to Love you Bro.

O r i g i n a l.

Seriously. No damn foolin. *wink*

Dr tAo,
Thanks for the free diagnosis, but you might have mis-read my meaning. I was not suggesting that there was a rampant malady that needed curing - simply that individuality likes an opportunity for a trot around the paddock; Poohbears included. Just a bit of lightweight comment on a lightweight post by Brian, really. He only seems to take himself seriously some of the time thank goodness.

What if the fool gets even slightly curious? Then he starts to ask questions. Then he starts to consider answers.... where else but in the coffee shop!

Ego Erection. Any place for inserting the ego.

Dear Brian,
You have missed an uncommon fool called,
"Culinary Fool"

I love your expression.

Self-recognition of one's foolishness is the first step along the footpath to wisdom.


Bertrand Russell said, "I cannot refute the arguments for the subjectivity of ethical values, but I find myself incapable of believing that all that is wrong with wanton cruelty is that I don't like it" and I tend to agree with him.

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