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February 01, 2008


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Brian and all,

Check this out. You may find this to be quite intersting...

The Universe Solved:




Listen about "The Universe Solved" on Coast to Coast AM tonight Saturday Feb 2, 2008:



Brian Whitworth's paper "The Physical World as a Virtual Reality":



Nick Bostrom's Computer Simulation Argument:


There may be a moment when it is seen there is neither this nor that. Thisness and thatness are seen as a deception. At what point do we begin and end? Where is the boundary of 'me' when there is no subject to have any objects?

Without this or that there is neither..no "thing" at all. There has never been anything. No beginning, no end. Just this that isn't. That's it.

How could it be any other way?

Who would live? Who would die?

There has never been a phenomenal subject.

Dear Tucson Bob,

You object?

Robert Paul Howard

I also enjoyed reading 'Buddhism without Beliefs' - at least the first 2 or 3 chapters. I seem to remember him covering his primary ideas and then waffling a bit in the remaining chapters.

Like most books about a religion, it accepts the basic axioms of that religion, and then expresses views. The question is not asked, did the Buddha set out to start a religion? The answer is probably, No.

"Buddhism" is a word invented by the Germans in the 19th Century to describe the teachings of the 'Way' of the Buddha.
However, I agree that belief is generally unhelpful in any search for 'meaning' outside of the everyday senses - intellect feedback loop.


Are you enlightened? You talk like one? Wanna be a new Guru?


No one has ever been enlightened. Where could this enlightened entity be?

So, the answer is no to both questions.

Let's say someone finds themselves sitting as a guru in front of a group. This "guru" would be completely helpless. The only thing someone could do in such a role would be to reinforce the listeners' idea that they are not yet what they already are.

Existence doesn't need some sort of phenomena to realize what it is. Drop the idea of enlightenment as some sort of thing to be attained. Drop the idea of an "I" that seeks or needs it.

You can never exist as an enlightened one, because that one, that "I", will emerge again and again. Hence, the fall of many gurus. It's a merry-go-round.

Ironically it is this seeking for enlightenment, to get rid of this "I" concept, which reinforces the very thing you are trying to get rid of. On the other hand, maybe this seeking is helpful, because sometimes it creates a tension that eventually comes to a head, bursts and goes away for good.

Just exist as existence without thought about it and be always at peace.

My only question is: Are you in the natural state (U G Krishnamurthy's calamity which happens just like that)

Assuming you are asking me, I don't know. What is this natural state which is a calamity which happens just like that?

Just guessing here. I think there is a moment(s) when certain constraints fall away and things are seen more clearly. This could be said to be a sort of calamity for the sense of "I" or the illusion of a separate self. I think this could be a single "aha" moment or it could be seen gradually or intermittently.

I like Brian's rising moon shining on the treetops. Very Zen-like.

Good night.

Nice site btw....I see you say "just exist without thought and be at peace"....
that is something I find very hard to do because my mind wants explanation for why I am here and why life involves suffering...why it seems we are biosurvival machines unless we are satisfied in that department and can "get on with life as it is">...so I live in perpetual fantasy about how strange life is...when it could be so much easier to say....well that original self is somewhere, who cares...I can't lose myself. The only loss is the egoic-I. So the thing I fear's already happened, what else is there to lose? A spiritual teacher whose name I forget says to submit to the mystery of existance, and that - the hardest thing to do - also sounds amazing. Which is the part which must submit? Or is it rather that it must align with that life that already exists and dances to the rhythm of infinity, freely, outside of usual conscious awareness?

Ironically the thing which one feels the need to submit is the sheer anger that things are the way they are,....and suffering is the way it is....no explaination, no justification, no justice in the sense that all must eventually be let go, on the emotional and spiritual level. That anger comes from the same place that first emerged as a kid "it's not fair! it's not fair!"...sorry to bombard with these comments about anger. It's just a genuine thing I've come up against. I do not seek to live in anger but release that attachment. Hate, anger and regret seem the deepest wounds/ attachment to let go of. As those consciousnesses are absolutely sure of the ego's cause. How does one deal with these issues? Release them to Spirit? Mother Julian of Norwich said all pain/suffering was rewarded with an equal amount of joy...that nothing was wasted and it would all be rewarded in the end. Even that the pain of sinning was ultimately restored to wholeness/joy and therefore itself not the end of life in the highest spiritual sense.

Rozanne, a belated response to your comment. I understand your anger at all of the suffering in the world. It's entirely justified if there is a god who could alleviate it, or who created the cosmos in such a fashion that suffering is inevitable.

I spend a lot more time cursing god than praising god. Just seems like there's much more reason to do the former than the latter. If god doesn't like it, he or she can complain to me. So far, haven't gotten a response.

Don't know what the answer is. As you implied, if we didn't have egos, I suppose we wouldn't be bothered by suffering. Of course, then we probably wouldn't be alive, as it's difficult to imagine being human without having an ego (being a formless blob of oneness isn't really human-like).

Maybe accepting the anger, embracing it, is a way to defuse it. Being angry at having anger seemingly just adds to the problem. For me, cursing god more rather than less seems to help. When I see some seemingly senseless suffering I tell god off in profanity-laced language.

Makes me feel better, and god doesn't seem to mind. The SOB doesn't even have the courtesy to respond to my complaints.

Hi rozanne,
Brian's comment reminded me that I wanted to comment about your post as well. I know what you mean. It is crazy to wake up to being here, only to find ourselves emotionally investing in relationships we know will one day end, to find ourselves in a society that really gives us very few choices if we want to survive, and finally, simply that we are a part of life and death, and know virtually nothing about where we came from or where we are going.
and SCARY! sometimes. sometimes it's boring, dull slow.
For me, I am just starting to see the wounding you are talking about as an opportunity for connection to others. After all, we all want intimacy, and accepting our wounds allows us to open more freely to loving and accepting love from others. But that's a slow process for me. I deeply understand the anger and hurt part.

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