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January 30, 2008


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You are right on so many levels. I'm thinking we have much in common, however, it appears that your pendulum has drifted a little too far the other way and that you are headed back (hopefully) towards balance.

John Mellencamp once said in a song, "I know there's a balance 'cuz I see it when I swing past."

out of curiosity, since you were a devoted satsangi for so long, is your wine-consumption cognitive-dissonance free?
What's your inner dialogue like now?

yet another interesting and familiar read. i reckon the familiarity is due to somewhat of the same perspective on the issue. i mean come on as if anyone is truly right. peoples idea of whats right or wrong is a direct of effect of the world they have manifested around them. and it would seem that people in general would find less conflict or strife by just changing a few words. but since there things that i think are universally right and people should try follow in hopes it would benefit them. our grand connectivity with each other makes this so. but since I only having a glimpse of the Way I cant say what is right. nor anyone else can truly say what is right in the grand scheme of things as if any of us really know. it seems to fall on the individual level of each to his own. whats is right for me might not be right for you. and in knowing this I cannot point finger or argue the point i can just be me, still and detached from what most would try to argue or preach to others. for what is truly right reveals itself with time. and those who preach or lay there self righteousness on others. i feel as if they truly dont believe in what they preach. they are wanting you to side with them and see as they see it but when that happens its only temporary for change that which is ever present in all things. seeing how the present is all we have then we will have to wait and see.

Komposer, I don't detect any cognitive dissonance with my wine drinking, so far as I can tell.

At first, there was some. Not now.

Not drinking alcohol had been such a habit, for over thirty-five years, that when I started having a glass of red wine in the evening I felt deliciously sinful in the beginning.

Now it's just another habit. As I've observed before, I see no effect on me -- including my meditation. Well, my HDL cholesterol has improved somewhat, and that could be due to the heart-healthy benefit of red wine.

As Pinker noted in the essay that was a subject of this post, drinking alcohol (or any action) can be viewed from different moral perspectives. If it's seen as a strictly moral issue, then imbibing even a sip of alcohol (or a speck of meat) becomes a horrendous offense.

But if it's viewed from a cause and effect, or if-then perspective,a looser attitude will prevail. We focus on the result of the action, not its goodness or badness.

Hi Brian,
Thanks for sharing your perspective--I really appreciate hearing your honest POV.


Ah! I knew I would run into this word in the Church of the Churchless.

But, instead of any further comments, please see


and then having seen the ideal working definition of morality, let me state that,

my intellect knows what is right and moral

my senses, defy it

and I know the reason why.

Kind regards


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