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January 16, 2008


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Huckster Huckaboo, that UN-American UN-Constiutional SOB, that Boosh Boot-licking ChristiaNazi Facist Pig, can KISS MY ASS.... And so can all of his fellow ChristiaNazi goons.

wow uncle slam, couldn't have said it more eloquently!

uncle slm said

"Huckster Huckaboo, that UN-American UN-Constiutional SOB, that Boosh Boot-licking ChristiaNazi Facist Pig, can KISS MY ASS.... And so can all of his fellow ChristiaNazi goons."

Komposter said

"wow uncle slam, couldn't have said it more eloquently!"


liberals,- shrill, irrational, think they're superior.


to cyfer,

I am not an "intolerant bigit," as you say, I am simply intolerant. Intolerant of any asshole who wants to assume control of a country I love and use fear tactics to take away the civil rights of the citizens who freely inhabit the country. I am intolerant of any president who starts a war based on lies and for selfish reasons, wasting our precious resources (lives and money) that could be much better spent on, say, helping the victims of Katrina? Improving education and health care? Or even on a tax break? I am intolerant of a president who does not want to respect the separation of church and state, a fundamental founding principle of this country. I am intolerant of any president who puts her/his religious beliefs before the welfare of the citizens (s)he is serving.

I admit that Mike Huckabee is a likable guy, but wanting to change the constitution to fit his Christian agenda IS literally fascist, unconstitutional, and un-American, and after the Bush years, I certainly have a right to be pissed off about that.

Cyfer, I think you truly don't understand the implications of what it would mean should such a horrendous thing come to pass...and it's funny, I usually hear conservatives criticizing folks for taking a liberal view on the constitution. If you are a conservative, please act like one and defend the constitution in the face of blatant nonsense like this.


Fyi, I am NOT a damn liberal. Not even close. Nor am I a bigot, and I don't feel superior either. I am just not stupid and naive about these things like you are. So get your facts straight. And don't be such a fool for wolves in sheeps clothing like the Huckster.

This is not about liberals versus conservatives, or republicans versus democrats. This is about the Constitution and our rights. It is about not having religious facists and insane tyrants like Huck and Bush destroying our Constitutional Republic. You obviously don't know shit from shninola about what is really at stake here.

I feel the same as Komposer and Brian do. I just did not care to bother to be as polite about it. The Huckabeest is a very very dangersous man. And I shudder to even imagine him as president. Don't even go there. He is fundamentalist christian lunatic bastard, to put it mildly. He seems to have a friendly facade, but thats where it ends. The guy is a christian facist who wants to make religion rule over the state. That would be an unimaginable disaster, and especiallly after the Bush neo-con gang has brought their demonic nwo nightmare upon us.

So before you go making ridiculous bullshit remarks about others such as Komposer and myself, go educate yourself.

Recently, Romney clearly stated he would not base presidential decisions on Mormon beliefs, but rather his decisions would be based on the Constitution.

In fact, any elected candidate including the Huckster must swear at the inauguration ceremony to uphold the constitution. So, by declaring his intent to change the constitution to reflect "God's standards", he has disqualified himself from holding that office.

I haven't decided who I will vote for, but it would be foolish to rule out all republican candidates just because Bush is republican. Yet, that is exactly what many voters will do come election day.

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