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December 07, 2007


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It's surprising in a country of 300+ million people that a more inspiring, courageous and articulate candidate does not appear on the stage.

I don't care about Romney's religion because to me it is no more deluded than straight-up Christianity or the belief that you can create a level playing field in human civilization. Anyone who gets elected will have to be at least a little shifty, power hungry and sell out to special interest groups. It's a media-money game and sound-bytes move masses. Everyone knows that. It's a matter of picking your poison. My particular poison is not going to be neurotic about killing terrorists and creating an enforcable immigrant policy. The function of government is to keep us safe and maintain order in society. That is, live and let live as long as you don't impose your trip on someone else.

Dear Brian,

I believe "Mrs. Harris" --> Mrs. Smith.

Also - although I am a registered Republican - I'll probably be stuck voting Libertarian as a protest again this coming year.

Here's something I stumbled on yesterday: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuBo4E77ZXo. Each may consider it as they so see fit.

Robert Paul Howard


I think protest votes for candidates that have no chance is a waste. Even if you don't like any of the candidates that have a real chance to win you probably would prefer one over the other..the lesser of two evils and all that. Your vote could actually make a difference if it's another really close election with hanging chads, etc.

Dear Tucson [Bob, I presume],

You are welcome to your opinion.

Robert Paul Howard

There are atheists who are morally conservative and oppose Queer marrige and adoption,abortion for any reason and would'nt care if Creationism was taught as religious belief instead of biological.

What scares me most about a faith-based presidency is the unspoken motivations behind certain foreign policy decisions. Is it going too far to suggest that one reason for our alliance with Israel is a belief that Christians are protecting the holy land for the second coming of Christ? I think Sam Harris even postulates this...
And what about the other faith-based narratives lurking in our background? Manifest Destiny, and the Crusades come to mind, along with the War on Terror. The days of the rich white Christian policing, "protecting," and raping the world seem not yet to be over.
I pray for the future of the world that we elect a democrat this time around.

Congressman Dr. RON PAUL is, far and above the rest, the man best suited and most capable to be the next President of The United States of America, and to defend the nation, and the Constitutional rights, and the welfare of all Americans.

The rest of the candidates on both sides are seriously BAD news.

RON PAUL has enormous grass-roots support and favor, and is the only true conservative/liberatrian who can possibly beat the dreaded Hillary/Obama.

Please Support and Vote for RON PAUL for President in 2008.

If you don't know much about Dr RON PAUL, then please get informed asap.


Also check out the numerous Ron Paul YouTube videos and audios.

Elect a Democrat? You must be stupid or crazy. Electing a "democrat" basically means electing Hillary/Obama. If you want the Iraq war/occupation to continue, if you want to attack Iran and start WWIII, if you want to utterly destroy the USA with the proposed North American Union, if you want to continue the advance of the NWO facist police state... then by all means vote for the democrat candidates - mostly likely Hillary & Osama Obama. Of course Guiliani and McCain are just as awful.

Democratic candidates are socialist elitists, and the the phony Republican candidates are actually neo-con facist elitists.

The only sane choice is a libertarian conservative and constitutionalist and old-school republican like Dr RON PAUL.

Too many wacky libertarian extremists and oddball conspiracy theorists support Ron Paul-I can't stand to click on the news section at YouTube anymore because of all his supporter's videos!


Well, I did the unthinkable...I registered as a Republican so I could vote for Ron Paul in the Primary election. He believes in health freedom big time, which is something I value enormously.

Additionally, he is the only candidate that I am aware of that admits to the fact that we are doomed financially as a nation if do don't preserve our sovereignty and save our dollar, which is slowly going down the toilet.

!@#$% wrote, "Too many wacky libertarian extremists and oddball conspiracy theorists support Ron Paul" - Bullshit!

Tao, glad to hear that you support Dr. Paul.


I know the truth is painful sometimes,but most Americans will NEVER support a quasi-libertarian like Ronnie Paul. It just aint gonna happen Dude!


You may be right. But one has to begin somewhere and Ron Paul is receiving enormous support on the grassroots level. That, in and of itself, is a valuable statement about the many Americans who feel so discontent.

If we continue with politics as usual, we'll end up in deep shit. And, that ain't no bullshit.


One has to vote the party of one's own choice,even when a small party at first,when one wants a change,imo.

If you think Mormonism is Moronism, check out the incredible creation myths of ten other religions and cultures:


Christians would disparage nine of these myths as absurd and yet find their own equally absurd creation myth perfectly acceptable (myth #1).

To Ron Paul supporters:

Here's another: http://wonkette.com/338053/monster-demon-wrestler-endorses-paul.

Robert Paul Howard

Dear Brian,

Since my previous attempt to leave this message failed, I try again:

To supporters of Ron Paul:

Here's another: http://wonkette.com/338053/monster-demon-wrestler-endorses-paul.

Robert Paul Howard


Are you trying to put down Ron Paul's campaign for president? If so, you are failing miserably. The site that you posted was worse than stupid if you ask me.

Dear tAo (tao, Swami Jnaneshvarananda Giri, whoever you really are):

I did not ask you. But I do see that you are violating your own statement as posted on Brian's 12/20/07 blog presentation:

"I would also like to inform everyone that I have decided that from now I will only respond to the subject matter of Brian's posts, and not to other commenters. So I will not be answering any more questions, nor will I be debating any issues with other guest commenters. I feel that any comments that I make here from now on should be directly related to what Brian writes, and not to other commenters."
Posted by: tAo | December 20, 2007 at 11:14 PM

Robert Paul Howard


The site RPH provided may not be a stupid put down of Paul. There is a highlighted phrase, "..endorsed Ron Paul.." in there which led to this:


To Robet Paul Howard (or whoever you are):

I don't give a damn whether or not you asked me.

Not only was the site that you posted quite stupid and lame, but you yourself are even more stupid and lame. So it doesn't surprise me when you make such inane rebuttals.

And btw, I'll criticise both the stupid site that you posted, as well as your inane rebuttal comment... if I so choose.

It appears that you must also have been too stupid to notice my recent comment to Rakesh where I clearly stated:

"I had previously decided not to debate anymore with other commenters such as yourself, but there seems to be a need for clarity"

So the next time you get the urge to make another inane and ignorant comment, or post another incredibly stupid and shallow website, please try to do so with a bit more substance and intelligence instead.

To whoever might be interested,

Please think critically for yourselves about the substance and intelligence of my remarks.

Notice how this so-called Swami Jnaneshvarananda Giri (whoever he is) quickly slips into his usual mode of insults and personal abuse whenever anyone touches on one of his hang-ups. Observe how he tries to co-opt one of his later statements - which I had already seen - to rationalize his violation his own previous statement about how he would thereafter act. See how he twists its meaning to excuse and cover over his own unreliable contradiction of word and behavior. Notice how he quickly devolves from supposed "critical thinking" into mere abusive name-calling.

Although he can certainly "choose" to bitch and moan about anything that offends one of his hang-ups, I still remain free to cite another site which he won't like: http://wonkette.com/338921/march-of-the-paultards.

While he freely advocates Maharshi's wisdom of silence to/for others, this swami seems quite incapable of abiding by it himself. For one who has said that the ego does not even exist, he has for several years shown more egotism on this weblog than anyone else. Don't take my word for it: go back, look, see, critically assess, judge for yourselves. Notice how his "critical thinking" so quickly turns into abusive name-calling and insults aimed against anyone who does not knuckle under to his assertions/opinions. It is no wonder that he "tend[s] to be perceived by some as being rather sharp and harsh in many of...[his] criticisms...." He is so. He is quite a bullying thug in his behavior.

Now, since this swami is always ready to rail like a spoiled brat against anyone who does not give an obsequious response to his words, assertions, opinions, and directives, I fully expect that he will soon reply to my observations here with another of his vicious responses, bitching and moaning about what I have pointed out, denying the validity of what I have pointed out, condemning me for having dared to think critically about his words and his behavior. I wonder how many typographical errors his passions and incompetence will cause him to make when he does so. I wonder what rationalizations and excuses he will provide to again justify himself for once more attacking me. I wonder how he will again display his self-centered, overweening egotism once more.

But I don't give a damn.

Robert Paul Howard

To Robert Paul Howard:

Please do try to think about and be aware oif the lack of substance and truth in your insulting remarks.

Notice how you slip into a mode of insults and personal abuse whenever anyone exposes your not so subtle ridicule and hypocrisy.

Observe yourself and how you try to rationalize or conceal your insults and distortions.

See how you twist the statements and meanings of other commenters to cover-up your own contradictions and insulting behavior.

Notice how you quickly devolve into mere abuse and sleazy insults such as posting sites like: http://wonkette.com/338921/march-of-the-paultards , or "bitch and moan" about anything that offends or exposes one of your childish hang-ups.

As for Ramana Maharshi and "silence" (about which you obviously have no insight or any real understanding of what that actually means), I am under no obligation of any sort to remain silent especially on an internet blog such as this.

And fyi, I never said "that the ego does not even exist". You are deliberately misquoting and misrepresenting me, and that showes your dishonesty. And here is another example of your deliberately false distortion in which you said: "He is quite a bullying thug in his behavior." I'll leave that to the sagacity of the other readers to decide.

And to even bother to mention somone's minor typographical errors, and to derogatorily call it "incompetence" shows what an extremely shallow and immature person you really are.

I wonder what rationalizations and excuses you will use to again once more engage in conceal your derogatory attacks upon me, and for your insulting and ridiculing of Congressman Dr. Ron Paul and his campaign for President. I wonder how you will again display your childishness and hypocrisy.

So I'll say once again...

Not only is the site that you posted pathetically lame and incrediby inane, but enormously disrespectful, insulting, and abusive (ie: "March of the Paultards", "asshole", etc) towards a very fine and honorable man and presidential candidate, US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul... but you yourself are even more pathetic, lame, insulting and abusive. And moreover, your filthy hypocrisy actually proves what a 'retard' you are. So it doesn't surprise me when you come back with another inane and childish rebuttal.

And btw, the reasonable criticism that I have made regarding the inane and sleazy site that you posted, as well as your own inane and abusive comments towards me, is only giving you back the rotten garbage that you already threw at me, and worse, at Dr. Ron Paul.

Furthermore, it again appears that you must also be so utterly stupid that you deliberately ignored my previous comment where I had clearly stated my reason for reversing my previous decision about refraining from further debating with other guest commenters (such as yourself):

"I had previously decided not to debate anymore with other commenters such as yourself, but there seems to be a need for clarity"

Therefore, I am always free to change my mind if I so choose, and its none of your concern. There was no "violation" or "contradiction" or "excuse" about anything. I made myself quite clear. It is you are the one who is "distorting". It's laughable that someone can be as foolish and hypocritical and childish as you apparently are.

So do us all a big favor and try not to reveal what a Howard-tard you are the next time you get another urge to make another inane and distorted comment... or post another pathetically inane, sleazy, and insulting website that ridicules someone (Dr Ron Paul) who is far more virtuous, intelligent, and honorable than you are.

As a matter of fact, you really suck.


I know only a little about him, but after going to http://wonkette.com/338921/march-of-the-paultards I would be inclined to say the site is more reflective of the immaturity, deficiencies and lack of character of the authors than that of Ron Paul.

To all,

As fully expected, the old swami reacted above just as I predicted he would: distorting and twisting the facts in more of his self-excusing rationalizations and name-calling attacks.

But, as I said before, please check for yourselves: go back, read for yourselves, exercise your own judgment(s) about how he has regularly behaved over the last several years.

And since another of his hang-ups seems to be his determination to always have the last word, we can expect that it probably won't be long before we'll again see him doing even more of the same.

Robert Paul Howard

I hoped Dubya's religiosity would be an anomaly, but I was wrong. Lip-service to God has always been a prerequisite to the presidency, but in 200+ years, no candidates have accepted (and pushed on others) dogma as fervently as the ones we have now. Romney is worse because of his faith's opportunism. All religion's driven by politics, but Mormonism is incompatible with reality because it arose post-Enlightenment, when people should've known better. Mormonism eliminated polygamy to gain entry into the US. Their prophesy was shaped by expediency, making divine intervention (or mental illness, which can innocently be mistaken for such) less likely. Romney's history is similar. He swore to uphold Roe v. Wade so he could govern a blue state, but once there, he resumed being pro-life. I have more respect for an opinionated man with whom I disagree than I do for a man whose stances are determined by focus groups saying what'll make him "popular".

I just stumbled upon your blogs. Please keep them up! I believe in many of the same things you do, but you are much better at communicating them.

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