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December 01, 2007


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I think addiction drives our beliefs and motives. We identify to ourselves what we need and then we go out and find it, we take on more than we wanted originally if what we wanted resides in a cult or religion or other framework. Never-the-less, we pracise it, and get caught in an uncomfortable comfort that needs a sizeable disappointment, persistant unindulgent insight or a long time out for us to move on. If I look at what I really want, it's not very lofty, but it does need will-power and probably interactive support from mostly "unspiritual" people.

Great read!

I can't help feel that the a metaphors purpose is left up to the person reading it. There own interpretation...that which comes from within.
But for the most part. Most everyday people will never see beyond what they can see with there own two eyes. Always following or monkey see monkey do..never looking for there own answers. Force fed or preconceived beliefs handed down. From those that came before us. Thus restricting the every changing universe that we think we know. A growth found only through self discovery. Not welcoming the change then before they know it there being left at the wayside while the rest of us move on. What fools to think a being like muha..wait...lets just call it teddy bear would be angry at childs toy. to think a life should be taken over a name... nothing more than junk just words... like our words can even come close to what is really going on.

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