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November 19, 2007


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Dear Brian,

Should Taoism and Buddhism be therefore removed from texts on ~the great religions of the world~?

Robert Paul Howard

Robert, no, they shouldn't. This is just the way I look at "religion." Along with the good company of Daniel Dennett.

A personal anthropomorphic god is much different from a universal immaterial "spirit." Tao, Buddha-nature, whatever you want to call it.

One day science may confirm the existence of realms of reality beyond the physical. But it's much less likely that a god who demands the approval of humans will be found.

I could be wrong, though. So if you're listening, Oh God Who Demands Approval, keep in mind my humble uncertainty of your almighty presence.

ah, radha soami... that is an interesting intersection between practice, service, social organization, spirituality, religion... the definitions really blur...

what does a religion feel like? a culture? sometimes i think science is a religion, or a corporation, or any identity...

i will have a look at your blog, first time cruiser


Any personal anthropomorphic god not composed from a universal immaterial "spirit." is hardly worthy of the accolade "god".

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