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November 21, 2007


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A holiday basketful of thanks for putting up with all my usual knarly comments.

And NO thanks to that sad excuse of a santly guru.

Thanks to this blog that many have been able to get out of the unrealistic thought patterns of RSSB. Supply us more vignettes of RSSB patterns.

Personally, I think it feeds the "spiritual" ego to go around pretending that one doesn't need a thank you or kind word every now and then.

When is RSSB going to accept the fact that it's members are, after all, plainly human?

We are not human. We come from Sach Khand. And we are going back there.

Anami Purush is waiting for u. Bob

And in case u r not coming, you will be dragged with a bulldozer.

Dear Sir,

Those who have been associated with RSSB know it pretty well that question- answer session is of a long duration.

One single answer "You will be doing them a disservice by thanking them." by Gurinder Singh should not be seen in isolation. It is the tone of the answer. Most of the replies are accompanied by a thunder of laughter.

Even a simpleton will not like the above reply given by Gurinder Singh.

Needless to say that human beings can not be inhumane.

As compared to other topics on this blog, this one stands nowhere. I am of the opinion that better topics may be chosen for discussion on this blog.

Needless to say that some human beings can be quite inhumane.

Robert Paul Howard

You are right... you are not human, you're a guru-cult goon who babbles inane threats derived from inane RS religious dogma.

Now as regards the subject of thanksgiving and being thankful, I have this to say to those who think the subject of gratitude is not important:

Gratitude is very important... but not misplaced gratitude given to those who do not deserve any - such as these fraudulent RS gurus who are glad to TAKE and RECEIVE, but who GIVE nothing. Gratitude ahould be given only to those who have truly given and helped us in our lives, such as our mother and father, our friends who have been there when we really needed them, and also those special mentors who have taught us to think independently for ourselves and to have Heart. To these ones we should be thankful and grateful.

But NO thanks need be given to the fake, false, and fraudulent gurus who gladly take seekers (and sucker's) donation money, but who in fact give absolutely noting to the follower besides mere empty words, illusions, and fantasies.

Dear Brian,
I read few postings of you.They look interesting,your thoughts look rational.But I couldn't understand why it took such a long time,many years,for you to come to this view on RSSB.

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