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October 08, 2007


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I have heard many people state that Christianity died on the cross. Without St Paul and his evangelical movement I doubt if Christianity would be the religion it is today. That is a common theme a prophet comes along and states some profound teachings and then the followers either misinterpret their teachings or decide to change the teachings to fit their existing paradigms.

I have heard that Mohammad’s cousin changed the Koran quite a bit after Mohammad died. Anybody hear that also?

The Buddha stated to his followers that they must be open to any new discoveries and not to make a god out of him. Now many of his followers call him the perfect one and to suggest that a soul exist on the other side of this physical life and can communicate through some mediums for most Buddhists is blasphemy and for the I don’t exist advaita types it is bullshit. Oh the power of religion on beliefs.

Now for anyone out there that thinks having many wives is a treat move to northern Arizona. You can have as many wives as the prophet will allow you to have and here is the really neat part. The state of Arizona will support you kids. The more you have the bigger the check. No governor in Arizona will touch them as Arizona has a large voter block of Mormons. May not want to marry a 14 year old as they are cracking down on that; kind of.

First time on this site, and what a lot of whacky stuff! I am an Atheist, and don't give two hoots about any religion. As far as I am concerned I was born and I shall die...end of story, but I am having a great time here on this planet, and have no fear about all this heaven and hell nonsense...it's all gobbledegook to me.

infinity birth life death infinity

If there is time you will be dead forever, so weren't you also not born forever? How could your moment to live ever arrive?

In other words how could eternal non-existence become existence for awile and then eternal non-existence again?

It would seem there would have to be only one or the other..eternal non-existence or eternal existence. Wouldn't it be impossible for one to be interupted by the other?

There is existence because we all can say "I am" unless we are not and just think we are which doesn't seem to make sense unless Ultimate Reality somehow neither is nor is not.


I take you to the brink my friends. You're on your own from here.

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