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September 30, 2007


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Those are all good books many being religious books and others being teachings from individual seekers. Worthwhile but the book that brought me the greatest insights into the mysteries of life is an unknown book called “the open door” by Theon Wright.

His father was a medium that never offered his mediumship to anyone outside his family even through he appeared to have both physical and mental mediumship abilities. The consciousness that came through from my point of view has the most profound teachings I have yet to find. The book near the end wipes out the probability that the teachings in the book came from the consciousness of George Wright.

The teachings in the book leans towards enlightened Hindu with some Buddhist teachings. My experience has been most people will discredit the book without even reading it. This appears to be a common human condition.

The other book I like to recommend to atheists is "no living person could have known" and then ask them to explain the phenomena in this book. To date no atheist that I have chatted with has even read the book. Again most people will shun the book and even make fun of it without reading it. I guess one could say atheism has become a churchless religion (kind of as many websites ask for donations) as they believe their truths are thee truths.

Oh dear. Ron reads way too much. This is addiction, my friend, not acquisition of wisdom.

Perhaps. But honestly, can wisdom be "acquired" anyway? I assume you "acquired" this little saying from somewhere yourself. If it were from YOUR heart it would have none of that pedantic, worried, fussy tone.

Maybe Ron uses these books as a way to focus the mind on the delight of being. We cannot know what moves Ron to the rapture of now. To a man drunk on THAT, What is the difference truly, between the sight of a bee in flight and the sight of a word on paper?

Difference comes only from the perceiver, and always lessens reality. Better a kiss, a kiss, a kiss... ;) lol

Thanks for posting this.
I've always been fascinated by Kashmir Shaivism simply because I could never find decent reading material about it.

However, it's sad that their numbers have declined due to the encroachment by Islamic fundamentalists. They have such an ancient and illustrious heritage.

Ahhh, wonderful!

Just wanted to pipe in, because I've been reading the most delightful book. But more on that in a bit.

Just wanted to say I definitely agree with including 'Talks with Ramana Maharshi' in the list. Excellent book. I also found the Huang Po text (available online free) to be brilliant.

I would also include either 'Utlimate Medicine' or 'Nectar of Immortality' by Nisargadatta in the advaita list. I cannot remember which one specifically I found immensely powerful (perhaps Nectar... I think?).

I also found 'You Are Not' by Stephen Wolinsky to be a pretty sensational book.

Others I would have to include:

The Yoga Tradition by Georg Feurenstein, a brilliant book.

Also, History of Mysticism by some sort of ananda fellow (Swami Abhyananda?). Another must read.

I would also include the two lucid dreaming books by Stephen Laberge.

Anyway, last night I read 1 chapter of the most delightful book I have read for many a year. Really quite beautiful, and not many a book I would label like that! 'After the Ecstasy, the Laundry' by Jack Kornfield.

Absolutely beautiful, and I cannot wait to complete it!

My 2 cents!

Ta ta

Highly Recommended: "Dark Night, Early Dawn" Christopher Bache. I've read hundreds of books across the spiritual spectrum. This book is in my top ten. Thanks!

Highly Recommended: "Dark Night, Early Dawn" Christopher Bache. I've read hundreds of books across the spiritual spectrum. This book is in my top ten. Thanks!

Where is 'Dark Night of the Soul?' by St John of the Cross - in it's entirety - the version translated and edited by Allison Peers is outstanding.

A book I've tried to read again and again - and now picking it up yet again, it is a void of beauty and perception that has seized my heart and created an extraordinary wordless space that will now forever be an endless reservoir of inspiration, and spiritual pillar on my path. It is essential to read at some point, and I highly recommended having it on hand for when that time arrives. Mystical perception at its finest. St John reaches through his explanations the wordless places the soul haunts, and with unwavering understanding and infinite compassion speaks for all of humanity on behalf of its greatest misunderstanding and its most essential component - the soul.

You might be interested in the new website on Adi Da and Adidam and Daism by critics of this group. www.adidaarchives.org

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