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September 10, 2007


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The following are some excerpts from a book called beyond the dream by Dr Thomas Hora which I studied his teachings for three years. It was his teachings that allowed me to see that the origin of suffering was ignorance. These excerpts may have something to do with your topic or not. His website is PAGL.

“Man is unavoidably prayerful at all times. Without realizing it, we live in a condition that requires us to pray in order to have a sense of direction in life. Without prayer we judge by appearances and tend to become disoriented. Our senses are not adequate to provide us with reliable information about Reality. We tend to wind up with misdirected modes of being-in-the-world. Whatever we cherish, whatever we hate, and whatever we fear are our gods, and we pray to them all the time.
Prayer can be thought of as a mental hygiene principle. Sanity depends on being in touch with Reality. Thus, prayer is an existential necessity. We are not talking here about religious prayer, which is mostly petitionary. We define prayer as a constant conscious endeavor to be aware of our place in Reality”

D'ont believe for a second that Christian Mysticism eliminates the middleman-Jesus is always part of their equation.“Whenever you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, because they love to pray while standing in synagogues and on street corners so that people can see them. Truly I say to you, they have their reward. But whenever you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret. And your Father, who sees in secret, will reward you” (Matthew 6:5-6).Makes me want scream anytime I read about a "Prayer Breakfast" or support for School Prayer.

Strength of prayer can not be undermined.In general, God/ Godman is the centre point towards whom the utterances are made. People are known to have made prayers to photos/ statues and have drawn enough strength to achieve their goals. Ekalavya made a clay image of Drona ( his Godman) and made daily prayers and literelly worshipped him. The world knows his feats and amply exhibits the strength in prayer.

It is my personal experience that even a prayer made in the name of a friend or even an unkown entity gives strength to achieve a mundane goal for which I can say with conviction.Regarding, spiitual goal my fingers are crossed.

I am finding it rather difficult to put things in words.

I shall appreciate if someone else from blogsters helps to put the things straight...................

with love to one and all,


I pulled out the calculator and figured you have performed roughly 10,000,000 repetitions of simran if performed at the rate of six rounds per minute, 2.5 hrs daily for 30 years...give or take a few million for time spent nodding off and extra simran during the day.

According to you, this practice has been unsatisfactory other than keeping you out of the bars and steakhouses.

Tao has been encouraging us to chant Hare Krishna. What if after 30 years of this the results are similarly unsatisfactory?

I know, we're not supposed to be concerned with results, just loving surrender.

But after another 30 years, there won't be much time for a third chance.

To Toa, Tucson Bob, and all the good people who are questioning.. What the heck is going on here????

To keep ones options open, is always a good thing... I think it is important to mediate, and keep a peaceful mind.. But, we are already in bondage just having to live here without knowing why.. So, for me, I feel better to enjoy and protect God's creation while living here. Without a creation, there would be no one around to praise the creator.. I like thinking that 5 names might help, but, I was also freed from the land of Egypt and am still trying to obey all that God wants from me, for doing that, for my ancestors before me..God is very harsh in long run... Keep your options open, get a glimpse at least of anyone that is rumored to have touched God's hand.. But, probably it's only inside us and no one else. So, kiss your hand, touch your heart, and respect yourself.. find something to mediate on from time to time.. And once in a while keep a peaceful mind, then go out and have fun, this is a great place to party with friends and family.. We may really only be here once.. Blessings ...

“Without a creation, there would be no one around to praise the creator.”

Not sure the creator wants any praise. Need for praise is a human need based in wanting to overcome our own self hate which has its origin in ignorance (ie unawareness or not knowing).

As far as meditation I suspect all the mediation in the world will not enlighten us if our consciousness is not “ready” to be enlighten. There appears to be an evolution of consciousness or unfoldment occurring and our personal effort may or may not be a factor or one of many factors.

Even after enlightenment there is a long journey ahead of us to fully become “that that is” always knowing at least intellectually that we are already “that that is”. Perfect and magnificent paradox that allows oneness to become twoness.

Those that tell you they already are that that is (isness) without having the creative ability, vitality, and intelligence of that that is are in my mind speaking from the delusional false self. i.e. ego.

Land of par after rereading you post I realize I was nitpicking your post so please accept my apologies as the rest of your post is very well stated at least in my unenlightened mind.

Those that tell you:

"Even after enlightenment there is a long journey ahead of us to fully become “that that is” always knowing at least intellectually..."


"Those that tell you they already are that that is (isness) without having the creative ability, vitality, and intelligence of that that is"...

...are in fact speaking from the delusional false self. i.e. ego.

Thanks for your comments.. I agree about humans needing to overcome self. Not sure it's self hate.. I certainly don't hate myself. but have felt a need to say thanks somehow, for having good health and mental capacity. Personally I feel very blessed in this life to not be struggling with health issues. So, my mantra today, would be 'thank you, oh, thank you to my inner being for sustaining my life force in ongoing comfort" . This is a remarkable place to live out a life... What I don't understand is why the whole planet hasn't progressed to place of harmony by this time in history. And I love the statement made earlier.. Why should we need a middleman to connect us to the truth? Now, don't get me wrong.. I believe in teachers for all things, to bring us from the darkness into the light. Teachers to give us more knowledge for greater performance on all levels of life.. But, the teacher is not the end, or their teachings.. I would still be needing Miss Doney my first grade teacher, if that were true.
Like the wonderful film "Proof". We take the knowledge and keep growing from there.. We acquire more knowledge and grow again. I can't speak of anything about an after life because nothing yet has opened that door.. But the core of my soul, encourages me to read your point of view, to read their point of view and as much as I can read until I have to go get physical and hit a little golf ball, as far, and as straight, as I possibly can..

Good Day, from the Land of Par

None....you're ego has and still is in the way.....

Anonymous commenter, I always find statements like yours fascinating. You apparently know so much, you know all about my ego and the "way," plus how my ego relates to the way.

That's a lot of knowing. Or rather, supposed knowing. I don't understand why it is egotistical for me to say "I don't know" (as I did in this post), while your know-it-all comment isn't filled with ego.

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