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September 17, 2007


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Wow. Thanks for this one Brian.

That is just so utterly fascinating, the concept of Boltzmann brains.

Verrrry fascinating.

I almost tranced out and went into kundalini trip mode pondering over the concept and implications of this theory! Seriously....

Thanks. Always nice to hear a new thought-provoking theory.

Hey, maybe I AM a Boltzman brain, and y'all are just my false memories?? :-)

Could this life be a Boltzmann Brain?

In some metaphysical cosmologies it is said there is a stage where one sees billions of Brahms (creations), each with its own physical, astral and causal planes.

This stage is called Par Brahm. Could it also be called 'Beyond Boltzmann'?

Tucson Bob, as I'm sure you're now aware, you are merely a false memory of my huge Boltzman brain.

That's gotta hurt hasn't it?

Don't worry about it though, your new existential crisis is merely a background, sub-conscious, sub-process of my huge brain.....

This is amazing! Thanks for writing about this.

I am still trying to wrap my head around this!
So, the title of new talk: "Bayesian Brains vs Boltzmann Brains" and who cares?

I can't get my head around a consciousness that is similar to mine. The Boltzmann Brain is the one I have been talking to all along...

What Universe?

The issue of Boltzmann Brain is resolved:

Exciting news! So appropriate that this discovery was made on an apt day, April 1. Thanks for the enlightening link.

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