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August 21, 2007


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"Such is the power and glory of science. It puts us in touch with reality."

Science to me is the mind seeking reality. After almost two decades of this seeking into the mysteries of life it appears there is an underlying reality that has a veil that is so thick it eludes most humans including scientists. The materialistic paradigm is a powerful inhibitor to discovering this underlying reality, which appears to have its home in consciousness rather than materialism.

But then logic appears to be a rare phenomenon with most religious clerics and believers. But then to the scientists credit I have never read where a scientist had become a suicide bomber to earn their place in heaven and have 72 beautiful virgins waiting to please their every lustful desire.

What their clerics forgot to tell them was that they did not arrive in heaven but hell because these 72 virgins must remain virgin for eternity.

Theoretical quantum physicists are beginning to touch the surface of even recognizing that this materialistic veil exists.

As far as Catholicism. After seven years chatting in chat rooms it appears that a catholic upbringing does the best job of all religions of producing atheists. It appeared that almost every atheist that I chatted with was raised a catholic. Also Bill Maher, Hitchens and others were all raised catholic. At least the ones I chat with all seem so hostile and they love to attack the illogical beliefs of religion and for that matter anyone that does not share their beliefs.

Peter Hitchens has a beautifully written article on his brother Christopher. Two brothers both raised catholic and one writes with compassion and the other appears to be very angry and hostile. Why the difference?

Just fyi, unlike others you may have encountered, I was not and am not a catholic, nor an atheist, nor a believer, nor a guru-cult slave, nor a devotee of creationist intelligent design BS, nor any of the many other various permutations of religious myth which casts its spell of blindness over humanity.

Is that so.

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