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August 17, 2007


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most but not all the scientists i have read and known approach their research with indeed a precondition or bias.

most i have read or known approach their research with a materialistic paradigm.

it appears to be a human condition and education can even have an affect on our ability to have an open mind.

but on the other hand lack of education can keep one in ignorance.

look at the history of science and how often they have proclaimed something a fact only to find out much later that fact was invalid.

the human mind has almost unlimited ability to deceive itself.

what would life be like without that deception and ignorance?

William, science indeed has a bias toward explaining reality in materialistic terms. That's because what can be observed, tested, explained is made of matter/energy.

Yet when science gets down to the quantum level, it approaches non-materiality. This is true non-materiality, not the hypothesized "spirit" of religion.

So science can't be faulted for focusing on what can be shown to exist, rather than what is merely believed to exist.

Yes, scientific theories change when new facts are discovered. This isn't a failing of science; it's a powerful asset, a main reason why science is so successful.

By contrast, how many religions or spiritual paths can you name that have openly said, "I was wrong. Here's the updated truth?" I can't think of any.

Science is open to fresh understanding. Scientists are rewarded for overturning the apple cart of current knowledge. That's how you win a Nobel Prize.

Religions change only under great pressure. It took the Catholic church a long time to come to grips with the fact that the Earth goes around the Sun.

I agree that the human mind has an almost unlimited ability to deceive itself.

But science is the way out of this trap, not religion. Open-mindedness is key, flexibly adapting to new information as it presents itself. That's the way of science.

Well said, Brian.

My philosophical outlook, though rooted in what could be called non-materiality, is not threatened in any way by advances in science...

Antoine de St.-Erupsery said, "Perfection is attained, not when there is nothing more to be added, but when there is nothing more to be taken away."

Science is creeping ever closer to that understanding.

You said: "By contrast, how many religions or spiritual paths can you name that have openly said, "I was wrong. Here's the updated truth?" I can't think of any."

That's what Gurinder Singh (guru of RSSB) seems to be doing with RSSB teachings these days according to what I hear, admittedly secondhand. He is "updating" the truth, and the devotees I still know have no problem with it. They think it's a good thing, "keeping pace with the times" and all that. I was always told Truth is timeless and unchanging.

Science does not need mysticism,
Mysticism does not need science,
But man need both!

Heh heh heh....


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