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August 07, 2007


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Truly, a brilliant picture...

Sweet site... definitely my kind of stuff.


"Like how God is supposed to be. Except, the universe is really real."

Is the universe real? Maybe it is just an illusion and nothing more that consciousness revealing itself. Without an observer does it even exist?

As far as “like how god is supposed to be.” God has been made in man’s image due to a variety of factors. One being our lack of knowing reality whatever that is and another our own self-deception. Of course our self-deception is due to our lack of knowing or unawareness of reality. There would be no you or me without our lack of knowing or our self-deception.

Are we the center of the universe? Maybe every observer is the center of the universe. The great challenge appears to be discovering that we are that that is expressing itself as perceived individual entities. How else could oneness express itself and know itself without the illusion that we are separate and unique individuals.

The illusion even gets better in that most people believe they are not only separate from one another but have absolute free will to put themselves in a place they call hell for eternity. That would be like this isness putting itself in hell for eternity. Ouch!

A master said something to the effect what you do to the least of my people you do to me. Appears to be pretty good teaching.

I wonder if capitalists that are out to maximize profits at any cost ever take that teaching into serious consideration.

most of those capitalists are of the christian faith so I am sure they take that teaching very seriously.

after all jesus was a capitalist.

Yes that's beautiful. I love cosmology. There are no for sure answers to fundamental questions. It just gets more mystical the farther we follow the logic. Enstein and many since, spectulate that this universe is expanding into another dimension. You know, if space time is expanding, what is it expanding into ? Then can time/space be transcended ?

Also, does size matter? Intelligent life is the most complexed thing known in the universe, it's not the biggest.

I often agree w/ some cosmologist that perhaps light is equivalent to spirit in this universe/dimensional configuration. Since all life comes from the sun and light is the conveyer of all information and the source of all action and everything is made of light, the ultimate form/expression of energy. Such a proposition doesn't violate physics either. The photon is perhaps the "legal loop hole" thru which spirit becomes material.

Probably not. I'll go meditate on it!! - Perhaps i'll "see the light".. :0))


ps. I think you mean a millon seconds not minutes. A million minutes is about 694 days.

R. Seeker said

"Is the universe real? Maybe it is just an illusion and nothing more that consciousness revealing itself. Without an observer does it even exist?"

to be honest, and after much thought, i think it may be a dream like thing. Why ? because, taking the truth of relativity a step further, nothing can possibly exist w/o an observer. It take two to make a reality, - always.

How can an all powerful God "over design" the universe? He might have put it there just because he enjoys looking at it spinning around, supernovaing and watching gamma ray bursts.

Over design is only meaningful to people with limited time and resources. God could make a billion such universes before breakfast by simply willing them into existence.

The reason humans think we are special is because God became man and died for us, in order that we could share in his glorious creation eternally. That might be a heck of a concept, but it's a lot more joyful optimistic and out there than becoming worm poop and then star-dust.

That concept also defined the peaceful society you live in, the culture, laws and pretty much everything you know and are. So don't be too quick to dismiss it, unless you know for sure the thing you are replacing it with is better and will produce happiness. Turn me into an atheist and I might turn you, or your children, into soyent green. Stalin did after all. So did Mao and Hitler.

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