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August 15, 2007


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Wow! Great post!
I'm glad you took the time to research it and put out your entire thinking process from Google to Wikipedia to NASA.

Ashwin, thanks. This was a satisfying post for me. Last night, after I'd read it to my wife, I told her, "Wow, I feel great."

The whole process of writing it was deeply engaging.

Following an intuitive sensation of "this is bullshit" into the wilds of Google, discovering what there was to be found within the time I had available, and then putting my findings together in a reasonably understandable fashion.

It was sort of a mini-reflection of what the spiritual/philosophical quest is all about for me: melding the objective and subjective, outer and inner, science and spirituality.

And sorting out the unbelievable from the possible.

Hi there - very interesting post. Even if the "light is made of 3 particles" idea were true (nice debunking of the idea, thanks), how would it provide "positive proof of the doctrine of the Trinity"? At best, it could serve as a *metaphor* for the Trinity. But *proof* of the Trinity? Please.

“Complete surrender is another name for jnana or liberation. Offer yourself up unconditionally to the power that is your own source.
It is enough that one surrenders oneself. Surrender is to give oneself up to the original cause of one's being. Do not delude yourself by imagining such a source to be some God outside you. Your source is within yourself. Give yourself up to it.”

Within these two paragraphs there are 11 times that a personal identifier is used. Such as yourself, you, one’s being, oneself, and one. This source that pervades and animates the phenomenal universe has been called many names from god, absolute, isness and pure awareness (my favorites), cosmic consciousness, infinite oneness, all and all, spirit, whatever name we give to this isness my interest has been in the expression of this “source” that appears so real to us we participate in this drama with all the personal identity we can muster, such as patriotism, nationalism, bias, marriage, family, tribes, wars, terrorism, greed, joy, misery, compassion, hate, apathy, pity, etc.
What keeps us participating and not surrendering to this source? Our lack of realization based in intelligence (i.e. divine wisdom) that we are that oneness expressing itself. What is the gap between our level of divine wisdom (intelligence) and our source? It is our unawareness or lack of knowing. If we knew beyond doubt we would not participate in the drama of life as a personal identity that we are indeed the source. The Buddha stated that our suffering was due to our ignorance and how right he was. Most Buddhists including Buddhist monks are unaware of his discovery and confuse symptoms with origins. Most but not all, attribute our suffering to such things as attachment and craving which are symptoms of ignorance (unawareness). After years of looking into the cause of that ignorance or origin; the answer that came to me is so simple it eludes everyone. In fact most people attack with malicious words when you reveal the origin of their ignorance to them. Attack is an ego function I suspect to protect one’s personal identity.

Here is what one Sufi mystic called Jalalu Rumi had to say about his journey.
“I died as a mineral and became a plant,
I died as a plant and rose to an animal,
I died as an animal and became a man,
What should I fear? When was I less by dying?”

Sounds like Rumi believed god got lot of mileage out of a phenomenon we call a rock. Could this be described as an evolution of consciousness?

Manifestation changes, evolves, becomes more aware; rocks, plants, animals, men, angels, gods. Source remains the same, an absence of the presence or absence of itself. The rock is God, but God is not knowable. It can only know itself as that.

One could say, "I am that, but I am not."

What remains when you are not?


That's it.

"...what science knows about light points in the direction of Eastern (and Western, in guises such as Plotinus) philosophy that posits an impersonal Oneness as the ultimate reality."

not quite sure how this relationship was arrived at.

The consistent message of God is that He is One. But the oneness God speaks of is found in the unity of The Trinity. There are reflections of this divine unity found in quantum physics, not lit up in neon lights, but subtley hinted at in the union of all that is and all that potentially is.

Strawman? Pick an argument that you can attack then attack it.

Provide convincing evidence of "Ex nihilo" or something from nothing. Then provide convincing evidence that this something that came from nothing constantly and continuously organizes itself. (The energy has to come from somewhere).

As you point out about the nature of visible light (note for a long time it was further understood that visible light was divided into three colors red green and blue when in fact it was the nature of our eyes and not light that created this artifact) is dependent on the observer and hence is presuppositional. The observer ends up where they started.

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