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July 08, 2007


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On the face of things, I'd like to agree with you on this. Surely an empty corpse is not a sacred thing.

But when I saw the body worlds exhibit in St. Paul, I found myself offended by it. Some of the displays—particularly one in which the corpse had its flesh flayed open in a peculiar Michael Jackson dance pose—struck me as positively sacrilegious. I felt this way despite holding no particular religious beliefs whatsoever.

Much of the exhibit seemed to trivialize human life and pursuits, and thus I found it offensive.

Why go to the trouble of being offended like Mystic Wing was by the exhibit? Human life and events ARE trivial. Only our imagined egos feel there has to be some purpose, some plan, some design. Out of the fear of annihilation and non-existence we hope for some significance to our lives. But what 'we' really are is no 'thing' at all, that was never born and therefore can't die. Ultimately it all means nothing and that's the beauty of it. It just is as it is, a passing dream, a play of consciousness. Enjoy the show.

You might say, "Well, if it all means nothing, why bother to try and live a good life, to achieve, to live fully and gladly with good intentions, with an attitude of beneficense?" (Or for that matter.. why bother to live like a narcissist, a thug, or a rapist?)

Because choice is only an imagined appearance. The imaginary 'you' is being lived as a character in a dream. You will fullfill your role, good or bad, happy or sad, regardless of this figment known as 'will'. It just happens. The fingers type. The seasons change. And the beat goes on.

Yes sireee T. Bob, those were the days...

...and like you said...

"The Beat Goes On" - by Sonny and Cher:

The beat goes on ... the beat goes on,
Drums keep poundin' a rhythm to the brain,
La - di - da - di - dee ..... la - di - da - di - dah ...

Gyro-spin was once the rage, uh - huh,
History has turned a page, uh - huh,
The mini skirt's the current thing, uh - huh,
Teey-bopper is our new born king, uh - huh.


The grocery store, the super-mart, uh - huh,
Little girls still break their hearts, uh - huh,
And men still keep on marchin' off to war,
Electrically they keep a baseball score.


Grandmas sit in chairs and reminisce,
Boys keep chasing girls to get a kiss,
The cars keep'a goin' faster all the time,
Bum still cries, "Hey buddy, have you got a dime?"


And the beat goes on ..... (Yes, the beat goes on.)
And the beat goes on ..... (And the beat goes on and on and on and ...)
And the beat goes on ..... (Yes, the beat goes on.)"

Thanks Tao, good buddy, for embelishing my comment so appropriately. Those were the days, and indeed, the beat goes on...

Well, Tuscon, you express a very interesting blend of eastern "emptiness" and modern western nihilsm.

But I don't think Buddhism, Taoism or other related philosophies really suggest that the empty nature of things means we're supposed to take life lightly or without respect. It seems a little disengenuous to invoke this philosophy on the one hand, while then utterly disregarding the very serious respect for life one finds in these traditions.

Mystic Wing, I think you are interpreting my comment through the colorations of your conditioning and assumptions. When one gets to the heart of things, all teachings and philosophies become moot or transcended. At this point one naturally has kind regard for life, but at the same time we aren't 'supposed' to do anything. Who is the authority for, where is the reality of, these conceptual 'shoulds' and 'should nots' that are merely bubbles in consciousness?

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