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July 04, 2007


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The "soul" of spirituality is a genuine sense of wonder and openness to mystery. People who cling to religious dogma and inerrant scriptures want certainty and answers, not a sense of wonder. Some scientists fall into the former category, while some religious practitioners fall into the latter. But by and large, a sense of wonder is written into the very method of science, and deliberately written OUT of the methods of organized religion.

Yes there must be only ONE and WE are part of it....

A scientific and religious "Church of the Churchless" online survey:

-Do you feel you are helping yourself and others by blogging online? (0-100%)
-Do you feel addicted to blogging online? (0-100%)
-Has your life become more manageable because of blogging? (0-100%)
-Has your life become more unmanageable because of blogging? (0-100%)
-Does blogging make you feel joyful and happy? (0-100%)
-Does blogging make you feel unhappy and miserable? (0-100%)
-Does blogging give you peace? (0-100%)
-Does blogging make you miserable? (0-100%)

Thank you for your participation.

Yes, "the objective reality of the universe comprises the subjective reality of every one of us". It cannot be otherwise as objective reality cannot exist without the consciousness of the observer. I mean how could subjectivity get out of itself to view objectivity : in other words we mentally (for want of a better word and not knowing the language of physics) construct the reality we "see" meaning we only "think" that what we perceive is reality.
Thanks, Brian, for Ann Druyan's essay and your comments.
Elizabeth W

I'm reading Angier's "Canon" now and I've read one of her other science books previously. I love them because, as a non-scientist, I can almost appreciate scientific truths. I also enjoyed your "God's Whisper..." and again, although, I couldn't quite understand it, it did help me feel awe about this creation. And now, the Nova series about the universe and string theory have, contrary to what many of your readers may believe possible, reaffirmed my own belief (not knowledge) in a God.

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