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July 16, 2007


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Seems to me people largely do what they're going to do anyway, regardless of their religious affiliation. A kind person will be kind, a ruthless person will be ruthless. If religion makes any difference, then it makes a difference as a facilitator, rather than as an instigator, of morals.

Yes, and also a facilitator/instigator of immorality/mental illness as well.

I agree completely: morality has nothing to do with religion; and in fact, much immoral and unethical behavior is perpetrated by religious zealots.

Well argued point.

The atheist must accept moral responsibility for their own actions because there is no one else to blame or reward, whilst a theist can avoid moral responsibility for their actions cos either god or the devil made 'em do it.

Hitchens appears to be a very angry person especially towards religion. He was raised catholic that may explain it.

His brother peter has some interesting observations about his brother Christopher. Peter comes across in his writings about his brother as compassionate and humble quite the opposite as his brother.

It must really bug Hitchens that he has Christ in his first name.

Why the difference between brothers? I watched him on cable news recently and when the subject was the Catholic Church and priests, Christopher became very emotional and upset. Why?

Becoming that emotionally upset usually has more to do with our own inner turmoil than showing compassion towards those children that have been abused by priests.

I think Christopher needs to be shown compassion by others including religious people as I suspect but don’t know that he is hurting inside. As a side note I have not found to date one religious person that knows the difference between compassion and sympathy.

Anthony de Mello a catholic priest who has been censored by the pope taught that religious beliefs often had the opposite effect on the morality of a society. He noted that natives in the jungle were doing pretty well and getting along fine then they were taught religious beliefs and things started to go downhill from there. Stealing and fighting etc.

Ok Darwinists don’t get to carried away on this story as proof of no god or spirit within or cosmic consciousness or intelligent universe or whatever.

Anthony de Mello is in good company as Master (Meister) Eckhart was also censored by the pope and Eckhart was one of the greatest of catholic mystics.

Flying though a tall building and yelling god is great does suggest there might be something to Anthony’s teachings.

tucson bob

again sorry for the mixup.

hey those were some pretty deep thoughts you threw at me.

need some time to think on them.

yoga time now

thanks for taking the time to share.

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