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June 04, 2007


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Wu as infinity ... Methinks I must obtain a Wu T-shirt. :)

I like your wu t-shirt. I am a SAHW (stay at home wife)in Arizona and I love philosophical conversations. I have several t-shirts with some of my philosophies of my life.
1.) Spoiled
2.) good at getting what I want
3.)scientific theory proven...the universe DOES revolve around me
4.) don't wanna, ain't gonna
5.)warning: attitude subject to change without notice

Are there any symbols which try describe nothing? 0?

Any religious/philosophical symbols?

I would prefer wearing a white t-shirt, but apparently, that wouldn't spark many conversations.

I had a sweatshirt that had "zi you" on the front. I could tell the Chinese speakers because they would smile and nod. The word means "freedom" and shortly after the killings in Tianan Men Square, my parents bought the shirt for me.

One of the characters in zi you shows a field with a sprout. Sometimes, when I was asked what the character meant, I would say, "Grow up." I think the two concepts are inter-dependent.

An interesting etymological line for wu is the appearance of the ideas for "many" and for "burning" as if to say "consumed for forty days and nights."

I am Chinese. So delighted to see so many Chinese things in this post. We are starting the first Unitarian Univeralist community in Hong Kong---the Spiritual Seekers Society.

Hey Brian, I know this post of yours is 5 years old but I have to say for a man over 50 your in good shape. Your a vegetarian, you debunk the myth that vegetarians are skinny etc, kudos to you. I hope I'll be in the same shape as you when i'm your age.



Gaz, thanks for the "man over 50" comment. I feel younger now. However, with a 64th birthday coming up soon, I've got to face my over 60 reality -- but also, thankfully, I'll also be facing all the presents I've been buying for myself and will give myself.

Yes, I am in good shape for someone my age. My current exercise obsession is longboarding (form of skateboarding). It's my new approach to enlightenment. Regardless if that happens, longboarding with a Big Stick is a great workout. See:


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