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June 12, 2007


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Maybe the path of infinite regression to the origin of all being is a false path, looking at an optical illusion. I mean, sure you can spend time speculating about what came before, but it seems like a sort of "navel-gazing" activity.

A researcher asked an old woman what her cosmology was. She replied that the world was held up by four pillars. "What holds the four pillars?" the researcher asked.
She said, "Four elephants stand at the corners of the world holding the four pillars."
The researcher pushed, "What are the elephants standing on?"
"They stand on the back of a turtle."
"And what is under the turtle?"
"Another turtle," she said.
The researcher was getting impatient, and started, "What does that turtle..."
The woman interrupted, "Nevermind young man -- it's turtles all the way down."

The thing is, the question straddles the line between philosophy and rhetoric. Our proverbial old woman wraps up the line of inquiry because it is fruitless. Return proposes cyclic rather than linear movement. What comes before this? Why all this precedes all this!

Maybe what the Taoists were pointing to was that at the meeting place of yin and yang, where return is perceptible, is the rather humdrum actuality of creation. Traditional religions and social-circles usually have preposterous stories about creation, and posit the ultimate creation as having been finalized, once, a long time ago.

By using our total participation with the world, we are intrinsic parts of the eternal creation of the world that is happening right now. The mysterious pass that links the action with the intention: wouldn't it connect curiosity with desire, disaffection with doubt, wu with wu wang?

No separation among the ten-thousand things, and no time passes between stripping and return.
__ __
__ __
__ __
__ __
__ __



>the only philosophy I know of that comes with >a built-in self defense and health promoting >exercise system:

More like a 1000 exercise systems with all the variations of qigong

Taoism is the swiss knife of both religion and philosophy


Casey, you're right. But you could take an expansive view of "Tai Chi," and then I'd be right also. My instructor views Tai Chi as the ultimate martial art from which the variations you mentioned derive.

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