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June 26, 2007


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I found this blog extremely refreshing, and dead-on accurate. Thinking and analyzing isn't the answer in the long run—it's a hindrance.

There's nothing pseudo-meaningful about the theory of karma; whether you believe in God,the Force or Metaphysical Naturalism the notion that you reap what you sow makes common sense.Like Newton's Law #3 states: To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If everything else in the universe gets recycled why stop at living beings and the actions they create? By the way, I've never considered the Law of Karma to be "fair" when a good person get punished for a bad deed in a former lifetime.

Joey, if karma is a law of nature, you don't need to think about it. It just happens. Like gravity. Thinking about karma, of course, would be part of the law of karma. Why else would you think about it if it wasn't your karma?

So just as thinking "I'm held to the ground" doesn't make any difference to your gravitational earthly attraction, neither does thinking "this is my karma." That's my point.

Now this is where I get all tangled up in my thinking:

if there is no self, there is no-one who can perform actions

so there are no actions

and no reactions

and no karma.

And no-one to experience karma.

Thinking is always 'tangled up' when it comes to trying to figure out reality or describe it. For this job, it's a tool that doesn't work.

There is a functioning (manifestation) where cause and effect continue to operate as appearance, but when it is SEEN that there is no individual entity that performs these actions, then voliton as a causal factor is eliminated and thus,so is karma.

A person who has examined their life may be very different to the person who hasn't, even though they may appear to draw the same conclusions- one through effort, study, curiosity etc; the other through putting his/her head deep in the sand.

Well like I said Bob, my thinking gets tangled: you say

*but when it is SEEN*

who is doing the seeing?

No 'who' to see anything.

Just seeing.

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