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May 05, 2007


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I also really appreciated Grierson's recent book
"U-Turn: What if You Woke Up One Morning and Realized You Were Living the Wrong Life?" and the TIME article you posted about.
I agree with the Amazon.ca reviewer who wrote:
***** "superb writing and engrossing examples, April 29 2007
Reviewer: culture vulture (toronto, canada) -
this is the first book i've read to explore the phenomenon of u-turners, people who go through a radical mid-life change. readers will learn all about the psychological theories behind u-turns and read about men and women who've changed their lives seemingly overnight. the author does an excellent job of explaining the phases u-turners go through. some of the most impressive examples include ray anderson, the businessman who became an eco-warrior, a slaughterhouse worker who became vegetarian, and a male economics professor who became a woman. all in all, an interesting and thought-provoking book that may give you the courage to make your own u-turn."

Hey Brian,

That's beautiful writing but it goes against the karma and the laws of rebirth frankly. Why? Because change is an illusion. We do not change, do 180s or any other such thing. We might move into a parallel life or revisit what we did in another life, but I don't construe that as change.

Change is an illusion just like living once, dying once is an illusion. We are on a continuum and there is no turning back.

The best

Netemara aka Heloise

Netemara / Heloise,

I beg to differ, but change is the very nature of the phenomenal world.

Frankly, the absurd idea that everything is already determined and that there is no choice or ability to change one's course, is a grossly disempowering load of rubbish.

As long as you continue to believe that, you will never have control over your life or the direction of your future.

Great thoughts, Brian.

Recently I've wondered whether Truth is necessarily defined by a standard, or by my occasional recognition of it. This is not to disparage truth but my knowledge of it, and to say that probably the best I can know of it, is when to make a U-turn.

I'm with Tao above. Determinism not only makes excuses but it distills all the meaning out of life. Even if I'm actually just an automaton playing out a program, I want to run MY program as if it has meaning.

I see u-turns everyday. Anyone who says there isn't change is in some sort of philosophical lolly lolly land. Perhaps what they mean is: the awareness within/on which change occurs, and is part and parcel of, doesn't change. Phenomena and awareness are the same thing. In this perception, life has no meaning or purpose other than what it is, as it is. Life is wonderous, beautiful, but totally absurd. It springs from nowhere, is no thing and goes no where. Who is there to be born or to die, let alone make a choice? Has anyone ever found that which is to have karma and be reborn? Sorry, nobody home when you get to the bottom of things. The soul is a ghost without form, quality or attribute. It is this and yet is not. I don't expect anyone to understand or agree. What is pointed to can't be said and any attempt to do so is ridiculous. Strike me with a stick! I'll shut up before the foot is put further in the mouth.

Is a u-turn simply an exchange of beliefs? The cognitive framework still exists upon which one derives orientation, meaning and identity for one's life: all that has really happened is that one substitutes the reverse of what one used to believe for what one believes now. The ability to believe, to construct meaning from belief, has not changed.

What happens to people who have already experienced a 180 u-turn only to discover that the new set of beliefs are as unsatisfactory as the old? That the problem lies not in what we are doing, but in how we construct meaning for ourselves based on what we do.

Perhaps being clueless is no more than symptomatic of an awareness of meaninglessness?

turn back were? what is ur point of reference? when u were 5 years old?

even if you do find that point of reference, which u can 'return to' which i think is impossible, you still carry the memories of the travels u did. Space and time, its all a rollercoaster ride.

What is ur original face bfore u were born, or know thyself or whatever else, implies a turning towards were u, as U, were not in the 'equation'. Meaninglessness and meaning are empty words. Truth the buddha says is beyond negation and afirmation.

Now, the search for truth in whichever sense, implies in itself compassion so vegeterianism, not killing, hurting etc and they are, axioms. Take them for granded.Like wearing light clothes in 120 degrees temperature.

The reality is, that death, is our destiny, and if there is or isnt a virtuous, or moraly good way of living our life, is almost irrelevant. What there must or could be, is a way to die. Like there is way we go to sleep every night, the actual process of it, like we have a way that we slip into our daydream fantasies, there is similarly a way to die. If we enjoy our waking life and many of our dreams, then why isnt death looked upon with delight instead of with fear and dreadfullness.

If there is an art of living there is an art of dying

Freezing the mis-remembered and annotated events of my life into a narrative that says "this is the the path, and this is where the path turned," seems unnecessary, sensationalistic and reductionist.

How do I track the biography that has not yet ended? By philosophical stances? By jobs I have held? By my assiciates? All of these tracks have probably run counter to eachother at some point, and U-turn couldn't cover the changes, profound and droll.

What if there were no rhetorical questions?

Talking of u turns, ''M-theory (sometimes also called U-theory) is a proposed "master theory" that unifies the five superstring theories.''

youtube BBC documentary Parallel universes

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