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May 01, 2007


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Happy Buddha Poornima to everyone!


Well I sure wish I was there on the beach rather than staring at this computer screen. But anyway, here's what I wanted to say: About that east-coast mafia guy with the wet shoes...

If I had been you, I would have immediately taken the opportunity and would have quickly but casualy wandered over to him and disarmed him by striking up a friendly conversation. In the process I would have suggested that he just take off his shoes and socks and wash out the sand and then put the socks inside the shoes. Then tie the shoelaces together for easy carrying and get him to go on barefoot. Then walk on down the beach with him to catch-up with his friends.

You never know but what that guy might have been so impressed with such a friendly gesture that a friendship might have ensued. And he might have even been a wealthy mafia guy who would have returned the favor a thousand fold.

You just never know what will happen until you try. You never know what a kind and understanding little gesture towards a stranger such as that guy will bring.

Good point, Tao. Could have happened as you suggested. The guy just looked so irritated, I don't think he would have welcomed me jumping up and offering him some helpful advice.

Plus...I figure that I've gotten to my ripe old age by assuming that every hefty guy with a New Jersey accent is Mafia.

Of course, virtually all of my Mafia knowledge comes from The Sopranos. But that's a reliable source.

So I'll probably continue on my way to the end of my days, keeping my mouth shut when I hear a big guy sound like Tony Soprano. I've still got my kneecaps. Policy must be working.

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