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May 17, 2007


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This is a good way to meditate. No judgement or criticism of arising thoughts. No big dependancy. No belief system.

In neo-advaita, which is criticized as being too new-agey and oversimplified, it is said that we are already there and there is nothing to be done, just let go... lesson over, you can go home now. This is true, but is hardly satisfying to someone seeking peace/understanding.

"You mean if I meditate and don't eat meat, it's not going to do any good? There's nothing I can do to hasten understanding or achieve liberation?"

"That's right my friend, you're already there. It's obvious and plain as day."

"Well, I don't see this. Can't you give me any suggestions on how to see it?"

"In looking, you are making reality a dangling carrot you can never quite reach. What you really are is the looking. The asker is the answer."

"That doesn't help one bit. In fact I don't understand at all."

"When it is time you will, and if you don't, that's OK because you're there anyway."


I don't have any suggestions either, but I do like to go out on the deck and just sit there with no purpose in mind. I might sit there for a few minutes or an hour. I just listen to the sounds and see the sights or I might close the eyes. The thoughts come and go. Sometimes there's stillness and the moment is captured.

This is one way to meditate.

Somewhere between the citrus marinade and the cooked shrimp... Somewhere between the pot of tea and the dyed ecru macrame sling... when the watched water boils; the paint dries; the grass grows...

Coming in and out of immediate apprehension is the action of the universe that we assume to be the culmination of millions of years of evolution and spiritual growth.

Ah, cause and effect, like the dancing of elves in the night. Someone spent their time enjoying the half-grown chrysanthemums, and thought maybe it was the meditation that helped the dyspepsia, (and the millions of years of slogging through consciousness-morass-molasses).

While staying in motion helps our joints to stay in shape, helps muscle tone, exercises us, we do not eventually become mustangs.

Meditation is a wonderfully, um, well, neutral activity. There are some hints about how zazen fits into daily life: when hungry, eat; when thirsty, drink.

Quick! Look! A thundering brace of satori!

My meditation is a search for myself to open up I think.
In earlier times it only was about doing simran for two hours and half an hour Bhajan,listening to the soundcurrent.
Well, I didn't do it always this fixed period of time..but I tried.
Now,I am seeking to do it my OWN way.
I do it shorter,because then I stay more allert and I just open up to something Loving, something higher then my daily self..
This feels good right now.Just being in peace and open up.
Sometimes I tell my worries first inside,after that I can receive peace and stillness inside..sometimes a little simran comes up for a little while just to concentrate.
Love Brian,your sister..

In that sense, zazen is the reality of the self—the true self. The essential thing in zazen is not to eliminate delusion and craving and become one with ZZ'.

What exactly is ZZ'? Nirvana? Nothingness? Isn't nothingness the elimination of "delusion and craving"?

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