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April 05, 2007


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The Black Hole of Belief:


I agree with almost everything you say here, except for the comment about science "almost" having the right to claim objectivity.

There is nothing objective about science, since its discipline is subject to exactly the same limitations of perspective as any other endeavor. You only have to consider the many scientific revolutions that have occurred to see this. Science merely offers useful fictions, not truth.

Bryan, a key word in your comment is "useful" in regard to science's world pictures.

What I was trying to get at (I think) is that a mathematical world picture is much more amenable to testing against observable reality than is a conceptual/belief world picture.

It's indisputable that scientific models (or world pictures) are able to predict how many things work in physical reality. These models can be shared, and result in a consensus world picture--more or less.

So they're important. They represent humankind's best effort at forming a world picture that, though free floating like you say, still has pretty darn firm connections to the physical reality in which we live and breathe.

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Yes we believed so many things that we can't now anymore.

I also gave satsang in ''earlier times''.


I'm with your mom regarding the Giants!

I've been a Giant fan since they arrived in SF back in the late 50s - and still waiting for them to win their first world series since moving west from NY.


The question of whether science is useful seems to me a more important question than whether science is objective. That's because I'm a bit uncomfortable with metaphysical speculation, and the notion there is or isn't an objective reality ultimately comes down to metaphysical speculation, doesn't it?

First comment on this blog, though I've been reading it on and off.

A comment on science, religious world views, and objectivity. When I get on a plane in DC to fly to NY, I try to fly on a plane built by the cumulative work of scientists, engineers, etc. Theology? As Mencken said, it's the unknowable explained in terms of the not-worth-knowing.

Is science objective? When I get to NY, I know it to be NY, based on my own experience and knowledge. And if I ask 1,000 people if I am in NY, close to 1,000 will say yes. Why not all 1,000? Because I might run into Tim LaHaye, and he'll think it's A Place of Sin that the Rapture Will Deny. On the spectrum of objectivity, science is pretty close to the good side.

The argument over whether science is "objective" is a nice philosophical one, but religion and science should never be discussed in the same paragraph (including this one). Religion is just the primitive realm of superstition. Stand away from any religious ceremony or belief (transubstantiation?) and unless you are mentally imprisoned by fear and superstition, it looks pretty damned silly.

The religion story of the day -- http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/0407ldsprotest0407.html

I recommend reading to the end so you'll get to the part about the King James Version controversy

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