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April 30, 2007


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Brian, I think you'd enjoy watching a video podcast called Surf Session Report which I suscribe to as a free podcast from iTunes. I think you can find it on other podcast sites as well by searching Surf Session Reports. He's a videographer who normally goes to the North Shore of Oahu to film surfers and boogie boarders riding waves at Pipeline and other famous beaches. My recent favorite is from 1/25/07 where the boarders dig out the channel so the Waimea River which was at flood stage could create a standing wave as it flowed out into the bay. You will see some remarkable boogie boarding in this short film. I always wondered why they did this as it makes a mess in the bay and keeps you from wanting to swim or snorkle there until the muddy water clears up. Anyway, it's great entertainment for a wave watcher.

Lately, I have been having difficulty seeing some thoughts as unworthy, ("get out of my way,") and others as worthy. I read a NYT interview with Russell Simmons, and he said something to the effect that living in permanent satori was the ideal. Dismissing parts of my internal life is somewhat akin to growing a beard and declaring that my chin has been subdued by spiritual discipline.

Which is a wave and which a rock? I don't want to push the metaphor too far, (water feeling like concrete, etc.); I don't think that there is an imperative to have an opinion on each interior stimulus.

The feelings come unbidden, thoughtlessly, and the thoughts come numbly. I perceive some connections, but they are like the coincidences that happen in a dream.

I have the experiences, and just as importantly, the immediate creation of now wants me to have experiences. The five colors, the five tones, the five tastes can all be taken in. The stomach is not separate from the eye. "Therefore the sage discards this for that," is an expression of arrogance, a Laoism that is part of a dualist canon.

Can you discard the parts that are not your original face? Say it now!!

nice one , Brian!

I'm loving the recent blog posts, all of them. Your writing, although is always about spirituality, seems more calming. At least to me. I wanted you to know that its being portrayed through your writing, and i'm enjoying it very much. Thank you! and enjoy your trip!

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