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April 09, 2007


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I think for meaning in life we need -- at least to some extent -- to look to our own individual nature, especially to our talents and skills. The happiest people seem to be those who most live true to themselves.


An excellent essay. One of your best.

I think the most challenging meaning of life I ever came across was from The Dalai Lama, which is to alleviate the suffering of all sentient life. For me it was a direct confrontation with the self-obsession prevalent in my religious dabblings, in fact in all spheres of my life.

Nice blog today. I agree utterly with you. The void where true freedom lies is indeed pretty unnerving, since it is so radically different than our normal way of seeing the world.

But even a very little experience of it shows that it is where we should be headed. To alleviate suffering, as Helen desribes it, is really just another way of saying we should dwell in boundless existence.

Eventually man comes to the point where he asks: "What do I live for?" In other words, one does not find any pleasure in this life anymore, or he only sees very little. One starts asking about pleasure, as well as about the meaning of life. It is because the meaning of life is to feel that one's egoistic desire is filled. However, if there is nothing to fill it with, then what does one live for?

If you say Boundless existence is nothing or is has not boundary then you are describing it. This makes it thinkable but it's not. The same if we say it has no description. And whatever other comment about it result false, even this. We can't make any statement about it because statements are at same time true and false. Even this and even and even and even... and so on, a infinite loop.
Conclusively the Boundless existence is in the opposites' synthesis domain. And our mind can and can't grab it.

To assume that meaning exists for humankind would be highly anthropocentric and wrong. What philosopher said this is beyond me, but our existence precedes our essence; our essence does not precede our existence.

Willy, I don't agree that saying "I don't know anything about Boundless Existence" means that I'm saying something about Boundless Existence.

I'm speaking about myself, not Boundless Existence. Just as saying "It's a mystery" doesn't make it less of a mystery.

Munitz never says that it is possible to gain knowledge of Boundless Existence. However, it is possible to say just that.

I'll admit that calling something Mystery sort of characterizes it. However, it's a negative characterization--an absence of qualities, and an accurate description of a state of knowledge.

Namely, zero.

Dear Brian et al.,

What is the score? Ego: 1; Truth: zero?

Robert Paul Howard

Robert, I don't know the score. Who is the scorekeeper? What are the rules of the game? (And who makes them?)Is the goal to score high or low? So many questions. So few answers.

Hello Bryan

*To alleviate suffering, as Helen desribes it, is really just another way of saying we should dwell in boundless existence.*

I'm afraid I didn't really mean this at all. Unfortunately, I have a tendancy to write first and contemplate later.

What was really floating around my head at the time, albeit unformed, was that the nature of existence is immaterial when one considers that today 30,000 children will die due to poverty-related causes.

If coming to grips with the nature of reality/existence lends towards DOING something about things like world poverty, then it's great, let us get to grips with it. But as there are so many people from all walks of life/religions who don't get to grips with it are nonetheless trying to sort out world poverty, then who has the right view?

In "Boundless Existence" there isn't anyone to do anything about rampant poverty or prosperity. They are not things objectively separate from the perceiver. They just ARE as appearances in awareness...necessary-complimentary sides of the same coin like birth/death. When we are caught up in self-identity, as self-identified actors in the play, then it APPEARS we act volitionaly and can individually choose to do something to change suffering, but this is illusory. Everything goes on of its own accord whether seemingly good, bad or in between. Still, we find ourselves playing our roles..the role of a poor person or the role of trying to solve rampant poverty. This is as it is. When the unidentified boundless state is recognised a certain peace ensues that brings an ease and acceptance of what is-must be, and into the actions of our lives.

I have been vacuuming boundless existence all day, packing it into paper sacks and sorting the books from the scrap paper.

Some of the boundless existence is broken, some just doesn't fit anymore. I filled a leaf bag with old dry and wrinkle shirts.

I did all this today after getting a new crown for my boundless existence. It sits a little high now, but I'll get used to it. It is not the boundless existence I was born with.

This is the boundless existence I was born with...

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