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April 01, 2007


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In my area, we have a comic called "Get Fuzzy", which, I will say, has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Except that it has talking dogs and cats, where the main one is constantly misinterpreting the main human's speech because he doesn't understand idioms and other figures of speech.

I like your take on this subject. Accepting uncertainty is the most spiritually defensible position, it seems to me.

Good luck in your fight against development. We have won a few small victories in Cherokee Co, GA, but the population growth of Atlanta and the money to be made seems to override reason most of the time. We worry about our well water now (we'd like to move to a less inhabited area).

Test wells and some hydrogeologic experiments could expose a plume of carcinogenic infusion. Or an archeological prize. And all the plans and assumptions go out the window.

You might have to move. Maybe you should move anyway. The future is always fuzzy.

Where did you get the dilbert comic? Unfortunatley I can't open it.

Rachel, the image wouldn't open for me either. Don't know what happened to the uploaded file. Maybe I offended the copyright gods by naming it "Dilbert comic."

I changed the name to "comic" in an effort to appease the divinities and uploaded it again. It's opening now. I found the strip on the Dilbert web site.

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