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March 17, 2007


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Mirror Poem III

Eyes in a skull
Turning on a neck

:with a breath
I let that go…

Gaze, fingertip:
Two centers of one rose.

Feeding my belly fragrance,
I take that all back.

Brian, unless I'm mistaken, there seems to be a close relationship between following the Way and being true to oneself. It makes me wonder if it is even possible to be true to oneself without following the Way --- or if doing so only leads to the grossest sort of egotism?

Luckily, heaven and earth don't care a whit for anyone's oneself, or being true. "Straw dogs," that's the phrase for people. Winnie the Pooh is not only fictional, it's a TOY.

Egotism is cute and all, but really, not much to worry about when faced with... whatever you may be facing: is that Boddhidharma's wall?

When the people are concerned about their clothes, their skin is no longer at risk.

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