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March 23, 2007


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Looks like a good time to stop thinking. Or at least thinking while trying to explain the unexplainable. But, then again, what happy diversion there is in pondering....Entertainment supreme.

Existence is a conceptual objectivisation of some 'thing' that is or appears to be. In the abstract, i.e. not objectively applied, it has no meaning. Therefore existence is a concept relative to non-existence.

If existence were taken to imply 'appears to be', or 'appears to have being', it would then become equated with appearance, cease to denote whatever object appears, and all appearance could be said to exist. But that would be a contradiction in terms, for 'appears to exist' implies its opposite 'does not appear to exist', which requires potential non-apparent existence. Therefore, apparent existence cannot connote existence as such.

Existence and its opposite 'non-existence' remain objective and realtive concepts, so that whatever is said to exist or not exist must necessarily be an object in mind.

An object, however, is by definition apparent, and what cannot be apparent cannot be an object. It follows that what is objective may exist, but that what is not objective cannot exist. Therefore, though objectivity may exist, subjectivity does not.

In short, 'you' may be thought to exist-either conceptually or materially-because 'you' are my object, but I do not exist as 'I' because as I, I am your subject. I could only exist as I if I were an object, but an object cannot be subject, or subject an object, so that as subject I cannot exist.

Therefore, as I, no thing (object) exists, but things (objects) may appear to exist, and their subject neither exists nor appears to exist.

Existence as such is a conceptual illusion, an appearance in mind only.

Idiot Mob Religion Part I

What I hate most about being dead is a newspaper everyday.
I put it on the TV stains and thin out like a crowd.

I hate to make the whole maelstrom,
and its maintenance, tailgating myself.
And the stupid orange neons,
burrowing further into the busy siren.


ashes to ashes ... dust to dust


When I finally have all the answers. These answers will be totally truthful, accurate, factual and complete.

Then, "What shall I do?"

Maybe, I could take all that information and store it in my attic.

WOW, sounds like a fun idea.

Great post and a great blog, Brian. Thanks for the introduction to Munitz, I'll add him to my reading list.

In Book III of Will to Power, Nietzsche says something similar to Munitz about how our questions 'why' reveal that the inner phenomenology of cause and effect are actually the exact opposite of what we think they are. We identify a "thing" as a discrete piece of reality and ask "why" and "how" of its being and motion (both of which we impute to it in thought and language). Thus we look for the cause of "things" we caused because we ignore that we caused them.

Perspective defines "reality," not the other way around. Since separation between "things" is a matter of perspective and interpretation (which is driven by its usefulness to me in my life), perceived separation between "things" (including self-identity) depends on the frame of reference from which one views them. For example, if I stand in a large "crowd" of people, a person looking down from a helicopter may not perceive that I am separate from the "crowd." My good friend who is standing next to me having a conversation with me probably would.

To reach a valid conclusion, one must start with a valid premise. If the "why" of existance can ever be determined, "what existance is" must first be known.

Is "existance" a physical "place" or a "condition" of being, an experience, or a concept, or an illusion, conjured up by imigination?


(Or perhaps, none of the above!)


If only the "Toilet Flushing" cat had the answers?

What a discovery.....

Dear Brian, just wanted to state again I enjoyed your posts.

From Beingness flows the entire creation, in my experience.

I've heard all kinds of conceptual explanations, scientific and religous, for the why and wherefore of this beingness & creation. Most of these seem to state that it is creation that arose first, then beingness? I don't know about these, as these are all concepts & knowledge I loaded on my back subsequent to my Being arising?

Simply sitting in Beingness, aware that 'I' am aware, not meditating on this object, or with that thought, or with this intention, or with that goal, Beingness became to shine and deepen.....without either light or depth.

It was here that it is was understood that Beingness pervades the entire creation. It cannot be found by scientists however, as it is precisely that which is searching.

Tantra (such as the mild form taught by RS groups) can be powerful, and give can give one intense experiences of bliss, innumerable universes, physical charisma, ability to identify with other persons minds, almost incessant synchronicties etc etc, but this is ultimately useless, as you still remain apart from ones own Beingness. or rather, the illusion of being apart from ones own Beingness, which is ever with us...IS us.

Tantra is the product of subtle thought. An idea or thought of 'I' arises, then an thought of a world, then an idea of uunhappiness and happiness, then an thought of eternal happiness and bliss, then a thought of meditation practice, then a thought of a goal, then a thought of attainment etc. These are all as real as the world around us, as that is also a product of thought. If you don't believe that, tell me where the world is when you're not thinking about it? This is Tantra, the creation of realities with subtle movements of thought. The closer to Beingness, the more profound the scope or power of those thoughts to manipulate 'reality'.

However, the most profound 'practice' is that of no practice. Don't sit with a goal, with expectations, with an idea of what a successful meditation session is etc. Simply SIT. Don't want or expect bliss, or cessation of thoughts, or peace or whatever. Simply sit, and be aware that one is aware. And that that awareness pervades every moment, whether thinking about god, sex, or nothing!

Then let Beingness reveal the entire creation, and the 'fruits' of countless years of tantric practice, in a moment.

But then, I am a little bit nuts, so I've been told. Perhaps best to not listen to a word I say!


Great post. I have come to the conclusion that this is a question that cannot be "answered".

Once I had a mystical experience where I thought that myself and everyone was God. At one point I kept repeating the following "We exist... because!"

Naturally one asks, because what? But there is no what. There just is what is.

Why does existence exist? Because it does. There can be no deeper answer. It's impossible.

Good description Andy

Solopism, nothing else and you saw That
And How Great He is, , , , You are
Did You cry ?


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