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March 13, 2007


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This posts resonates so well with me. I feel like I've been quite in the same boat most of the time. I'm a thinker and a devourer of books and thoughts. A book and thought addict, but I, too, get the same sense you do, about looking for validation for things I already know within me. It's like Socrates notion that you already know, you just don't know you know...but we don't necessarily always need a "midwife" to help us give birth to the knowledge within. In the end, we've got a birth it for ourselves.




I noticed that you are using those plastic storage containers. I have several of those containers too. The lid forms a pretty good seal. They are not that expensive, and can be purchased at any discount store.

The attic in my house is an interesting place for storage. My attic is a non-climate controlled area. In the summer, it is very hot and damp. While, in the winter, it is very cold and damp. Anyway, it is an interesting place to store stuff.

My library bookshelves are built into my house, where my loft is located. I am in the process of selling my house. A few months back, I started packing up all my books that I have collected over the years. My book shelves look funny, all empty.

Many of the books that I packed away in boxes are ones that I have not used in many years. These books, I kept because of the good memories they bring to me when I hold one of them. All the information, contained within them, has moved to other sources. Once I make my move, the weight of all these books shall be enormous. I guess the energy consumed when I transport all of these boxes will be worth it. The memories must have some justification for the energy allocation.

All the items, I have ever stored in my attic stayed up there for years, only to be given away. I wonder, “Why do I store stuff in my attic?”

Use small boxes. Read more fiction.

Zhu Bajie

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